We Are Asia's Leading Event Organiser Who Provides Quality Educational Seminars Through Partnering With Top Experts Around the World
We've Successfully Organized Events All Over the World in Countries Such As Singapore,
Switzerland, The United States, Malaysia, Thailand & Many Others...
We Help Speakers & Trainers to Deliver Their Message to Thousands of People Worldwide!
Here Are Some Speakers That We've Worked With...
Mary Buffett
Best Selling Author of "Buffettology"
Ray Barros
Top Fund Manager
Robert Allen
International Best Selling Author
Joel Bauer
World's Greatest Persuasion Expert
Vishen Lakhiani
Founder of Mindvalley
Michelle Chong
Singaporean Host, Actress & Film Director
Kevin Harrington
Launched Over 20 Businesses Worldwide
Daniel Ong
Radio DJ & Co-founder of Twelve Cupcakes
Kane Minkus
Internationally Renowned Business Coach
Manoj Kumar
Top Options Trader & Wealth Expert
Dr. Patrick Liew
Top Property Investing Expert
Alvin Huang
Founder of 7-Figure Internet Business
Gerald Soh
Top E-commerce Expert
Ken Chee
Chairman & Founder of 8I Holdings
Graham Rowan
Chairman of Elite Investors Club
Raymond Aaron
New York Times Best Selling Author
Why Do Speakers Choose to Work With Us?
"...Wonderful crowd, much more than
I had expected..."
...it's been a great pleasure, wonderful crowd, much more than I had expected and I look forward to coming back and
working with WealthMastery...
Mary Buffet
Best Selling Author of "Buffettology"
"...Have jointly generated close to a 6-figure revenue in less than 4 months."
After working together with them, we have jointly generated close to a 6-figure revenue in less than 4 months.
In fact, they are one of my most prized and valued marketing partners.

They are proactive, creative and effective… nothing short of phenomenal!"
Stuart Tan , Master NLP Coach 
Director of Ultimate Alliance Consultancy
"...Hundreds of Leads Generated by WealthMastery.asia..."
...I was here in Singapore, and I saw the hundreds of leads generated by WealthMastery.asia... if you need leads for your business, you need WealthMastery...
Robert G. Allen
International Best Selling Author
"...together we closed a six-figure revenue event!"
They are awesome partners to work with and deliver incredible results.  Just last month alone, together we closed a six-figure revenue event; and there are more to come.

I am grateful to their partnership and look forward to amazing opportunities in future.
Manoj Kumar
Top Options Trader & Coach
"...Generated over millions of dollars with them..."
...In the last couple of years we've generated over millions of dollars with them... I was impressed at how accurate they were in reaching out to the exact customers that we needed to reach...
Kane Minkus, World's #1 Global Business Coach
Founder of Industry Rockstar
"Generated a revenue of over $300,000 within the 
first year of working with WealthMastery.asia..."
In the first year of engaging this company's (lead generation) services, he's directly helped our business generate a revenue of over $300K.

And this year, we are on track to increasing our revenue by a further 50% at least because of their services.

Working with WealthMastery.asia has been the best decision for our business and I highly recommend their services & coaching!"
Roy Tay , Forex Master Trainer
Co-founder of Actions to Wealth Pte Ltd
Some Events That We've Organised Around the World...
Corporate Clients That Have Worked With Us:
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