Finally...A Hands-Off Business Model That Can Be Scaled Up Super Quickly & Easily...
Get Your Hands On This “Easy-Automation” E-Commerce Business System That Even Computer Idiots Can Set Up In 72 Hours...And 100% Of Sales Revenue Goes To You (No Commission Payouts)! 
BONUS! This Copy-And-Paste System Actually DECREASES Your Operating & Marketing Costs!
Meet Patricia, One Of The Creators Of This "E-Commerce Mastery" Workshop:
  • The 5-Step System That Will Jump Start Your E-Commerce Business In Less Than 72 hours: From creating your very 1st online advertisement, to designing your own e-store... We'll take you step-by-step even if you have ZERO experience
  • Discover How To Leverage On The Growing E-Commerce Market: And turn it into a money-making system for you...We'll reveal to you exclusive information from our in-depth analysis of over 50 e-commerce stores!
  • "Easy-Automation" Technique: You'll learn how to develop a system that will keep working 24/7... And continuously bring in money for you even if you leave it alone for days without touching it!
  • And Here's The Best Part: You absolutely do NOT need any exceptional talent to set up this system! Yes, all you need to do is follow our model step-by-step...Easy right?
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Time: 7:30PM - 9:30PM
Venue: 24 Raffles Place,
Clifford Centre, #10-06
Singapore 048621
(2 mins walking distance from Raffles Place MRT)
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What Makes This Training So Different From Other "Online Business" Workshops?
100% Of Sales Revenue Goes Straight To You
Because why let anybody else take a cut out of your profits and receive commission? 
Easy-Automation System
95% of the work is done at the set-up you can just leave it alone and let the system work for you!
You Have Absolute Control Over ALL Your Business Decisions
Better than affiliate marketing - When you use this e-commerce system, you won't be tied down by any restrictions that may be limiting your profit
You'll Find Out How You Can Get Your Hands On Templates, Blueprints & Action Plans...
So you can always refer to these resources that have been PROVEN to consistently bring in high ROI for us in the past few years!
Done-For-You Market Research
We intensely analysed over 50 e-commerce stores, and compiled a detailed report of their strengths and weaknesses - And we'll be revealing these valuable strategies so you can use it yourself!
Beyond The "How To"...
You'll find out where to find the cheapest and most in-demand products...Where to find reliable suppliers...And so much MORE!
Here's The Proof That This System WORKS:
"4-Figures From Shopify - in ONE DAY"
"...And 6 Figures After 6 Months!"
These Are REAL Results From COMBINING Shopify & Facebook (a highly profitable "e-commerce ecosystem!)
The TRUTH is any average Singaporean can earn an income from this simple system - REVEALED at the upcoming workshop!
Here Are Some Results That People Have Achieved After Our Coaching:
"Got 2 sales within the first week after the course!"
After going through this program, I've learnt many strategies that I can apply in the world of online business.

In fact, I got 2 sales within just ONE week after this program!

Thank you Calvin & Patricia!
Leong Chui Kit
"Made my 5th sale in just 2 weeks of learning from Calvin & Patricia!"
I made my first sale in just 4 days of learning from Calvin and Patricia... and 5 sales in just 2 weeks!
It really is a breakthrough in my life to see the sale and money coming in straight to my account... and I can't thank Calvin and Patricia enough for this amazing breakthrough!
Keng Lee
"Made $700 in 3 weeks!"
Using what I learnt from Calvin and Patricia, I managed to generate my first sale within 1 week...
And I went on to make over $700 worth of sales in just my first month alone!

Calvin and Patricia made things so easy to understand and motivated me throughout.

Out of a sudden, they are my idols!
Calvert Tan
How This E-Commerce System Has Helped Calvin & Patricia Grow Their Business To What It Is Today...
  • 2 average Singaporeans, Calvin & Patricia came from middle-income families
  • Calvin was working 3 part-time jobs to help his family's finances out, all while studying full-time
  • They then decided to start an online business together, hoping to change things
  • Despite starting with no experience, they managed to make an impressive sum of money.
  • Over the years, they refined and improved their online business strategy
  • They managed to grow their business into a....
  • They want to share their 5-step system with people, because they understand it's tough without someone to guide you.
  • Hence, they came up with their very own online business workshop
  • To personally share their methods with Singaporeans for FREE
Calvin & Patricia have been featured in various local news media including... Mediacorp's Channel U and Singapore Press Holding's My Paper!
They've delivered and spoken at big events to thousands of local and overseas business owners, entrepreneurs, and even aspiring ones! With the goal of guiding them and helping them improve their online business.
And they have personally worked with famous celebrities like Sir Richard Branson (Founder of Virgin) & Kevin Harrington (Original Shark From Shark Tank)!
Here's What Some More Students Are Saying After Working With Calvin & Patricia...
"The trainers really have your best interests at heart and take your learning very seriously!"

"10 years ago, I explored the realm of online marketing. But without proper guidance, I felt lost then this course came along!

Calvin and Patricia is very open in their approach and they really make sure that you learn well... it has really been a very enlightening course!

I really recommend this course to anyone and everyone who is even remotely interested in running your own online business!"

"This is really the BEST E-Commerce course there is out there!"

"I've been to many E-Commerce courses but they really teach you the proper skills step-by-step like what Calvin and Patricia do.

After going through the course, my fear of the technical bits have dropped by almost 50%!

I'm very grateful to Calvin and Patricia for being so patient in helping us gain learn the most out of the course

Thank you Calvin and Patricia!"

-Boo Tiong
Who Would Benefit Most From This FREE Seminar?
You're Someone Looking For Guidance
This workshop is specifically designed for people often wished to learn how to make money online but lacked the knowledge and guidance on how to start
You're An Internet Marketing Beginner
Struggling as an internet marketer? Not getting your desired results? This workshop can help change that around for you
You're Afraid Of The Rising Cost Of Living
This workshop will get rid of any fears you have about not having enough money due to the failing economy or rising cost of living in Singapore
You're Seeking Financial Freedom
If you don't want to solely rely on your 9-5 job and wish to build some side income to quickly achieve financial freedom, you must come!
You Want to Transform
Your Business
You want to learn a simple & proven formula that has helped many online business and could transform yours as well
You Want High Flexibility In Life
If you simply want more time, more money and more freedom to do the things you truly enjoy in life, we highly recommend you come!
...and see how you can start using Calvin & Patricia's simple 5-step system to grow your online business into a very profitable one... TODAY!

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