Want To Become A Sponsored Blogger? Here’s How You Can Do It

Do you have a few of your favourite bloggers you’ve bookmarked and you read their blogs on a regular basis?

Ever had the thought of “I can do that too!” when you read beauty bloggers’ reviews of cosmetics and skin-care products?

Well, it is actually not that difficult to be a sponsored blogger in Singapore, given that the country is small. You only need to be committed to putting in time and effort and who knows, you may become the next Xiaxue or Bong Qiu Qiu!

1) Find A Niche

Many bloggers mistakenly think that if they label themselves as a “lifestyle” blogger, it would increase their chances of snagging a sponsored deal since they have a wider range of coverage.

However, the world wide web is a huge media platform and in order to get yourself some audience, you need to fight with thousands of other lifestyle bloggers writing reviews and opinions on the same kind of products.

In order to stand out, it could be worth your while to focus only on a niche topic that you can specialise in. Out of the few interests you have, pick one to be the niche on your blog.

This would allow others to link your blog to a certain subject or niche so that your blog will be at the top of their lists and in turn, generate more traffic to your site as well.

[image credits: pixabay]

[image credits: pixabay]

Niche subjects could be on beauty reviews, fitness and diet tips, travel blog, money-saving tips or even on a hobby like dancing.

When you’ve defined your niche, look at what some of your competitors are doing and try to bring in something different that is lacking.

2) Make Use Of Social Media

Since getting sponsored requires you to first have lots of traffic on your site or have many followers in order for the sponsors to get their targeted outreach, social media usage is not just preferred but mandatory!

Depending on your niche, look for a channel that suits your purpose.

A blog focusing on fashion could do well with Instagram or Pinterest since the topic tends to rely heavily on pictures; a cooking blog would do well with youtube and short video clips on Instagram and Facebook pages and a blog focusing on straight up intellectual content might want to use Twitter to get readers to your blog site.

[image credits: pixabay]

[image credits: pixabay]

Give yourself 6 months to a year to reach a wider audience and be diligent in creating social media posts on a daily basis.

When you’ve got some regular visitors to your site, start tracking your traffic and posts to see which are the ones that generate the most traffic and work on those!

3) Join A Blogger Network

[image credits: pixabay]

[image credits: pixabay]

The success of first-generation bloggers like Xiaxue mostly owed it to themselves for creating the huge sponsorship deals they got through their regular blog posts and interesting content.

Their success has inspired many others who love to write to venture out into the blogging world and hoping that they too, can attain the fame and attractive sponsorship deals.

However, the blogging network has now expanded and it is now harder to stand out with so much competition. So what can a newbie do? Join a blogger network!

For a start, you need to have a base number of followers reading your blog so that these networks can assess your potential.

What they can do is to link you up with their advertisers so that you do not need to source for these deals yourself.

If you have been thinking about it for a while, why not do it now?

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