10 Crucial Life Lessons Every 20-something Needs to Learn By Now

I recall the time when I hit my 21st birthday and I’m sub-consciously thinking “oh my, the weight of the adult-life is going to start weighing down”. And then at 25, I started to experience what we all call “the quarter-life crisis”; where most us are still clueless about what to do with our lives, getting the right job etc.

However, amongst all this frantic confusion, there are some things about life you should always remember. This infographic by Arpan Roy describes “Top 10 things to keep in mind about life” in reply to a question: “What are the lessons that I should learn in my 20s?”

Some of his advices include learning to be alone…

(click for enlarged version)

Taking full responsibilities for your failures..

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and this divine formula for life.

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You have to agree that Arpan has hit all the marks. While these may not be the absolute answer to getting your life figured out, they’re a good guide to how to better your life from the 20s onwards!

Click the images to see the enlarged version!

[via Quora by Arpan Roy]

Featured image source: destinasian.com

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