10 Inexpensive Tips Singaporeans Can Use To Achieve Flawless Skin Like Koreans

I’m sure most of us know how hard it is to achieve good skin in Singapore, much less a flawless and glowing complexion.

That’s because our climate is not very favourable and our skin is constantly exposed to harsh pollutants in our urbanized city.

And as much as we hate to admit, we get lazy and neglect the tender loving care our skin needs.

Most of us tend to think that in order to have good skin, you need to use reputable and expensive products, or go for expensive facial treatments.

But all these eats up a large amount of money, and they may not work all the time; sometimes your skin deteriorates further because the product or treatment is not suitable.

But actually, achieving a flawless complexion is easier and cheaper than you would expect and you just have to put in a little more effort and follow these 9 easy steps.

1) Drink Loads of Water, All day Everyday

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By now you would have heard this umpteen times, but I will say it again. Most Singaporeans have dry – combination skin; we need to take extra care and make sure we hydrate ourselves to keep our skin supple.

Drinking loads of water also helps to flush toxins out of your body, otherwise these toxins will expel through the skin surface as pimples.

2) Know Your Skin Type

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When you understand your skin type, you’ll be able to take better care of it.

Skin care products are made differently to cater to different skin types.

When you buy unsuitable products, not only do you waste money, the incompatibility may worsen your skin breakouts.

3) Avoid Facial Products That Contains These Harmful Chemicals

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  • Paraben (methylparaben, propylparaben and butylparaben etc)
  • Alcohol (usually ends off with -ol. e.g. Methanol, ethanol etc)
  • Fragrance (or parfum on some packing)
    (Click the links to read up on the harmful properties of these chemicals)

Always check the ingredient list when you buy your facial products. You may not see the harmful effects of these chemicals on the surface of your skin but they start their destruction from within.

People with sensitive skin will see almost immediate reaction to these chemicals as they will have breakouts within a few days of using products containing such chemicals.

If possible, try to use organic skin care that uses natural ingredients only. Some of the brands to look out for are Gaia, Lavera and Rejuve.

4) Have the Habit of Proper Make-up Removal

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ALWAYS remove your make-up properly. Even if you had a late night out partying, never go to sleep with make-up on. Leaving your make-up on overnight will clog up your pores, causing blackheads and acne.

Korean popstar Suzy uses the 424 rule in her make-up removal routine

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“massage with cleansing oil for 4 minutes, foam cleansing massage for 2 minutes, and rinsing with water for 4 minutes.”- if you want to have clean and supple skin like Suzy.

5) Cleanse Daily, Exfoliate Twice a Week

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Use a gentle cleanser twice daily (morning & night) to remove impurities. Exfoliate to remove dead cells from your skin to reveal a brighter complexion; and you will realise your skin care products are better absorbed too.

However, note that you cannot exfoliate excessively as it will dry out your skin and damage your skin structure, making it thin and weaker.

6) Tone and Moisturise Religiously

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A good toner will help restore the natural pH balance on your skin and minimise the appearance of pores. Just remember not to get a toner that contains alcohol as it’ll dry up your skin. And always apply moisturizer. Dehydrated skin is the root to all skin complexion, so that’s why it’s important you don’t miss out this step. Even if you have oily skin, you have to use a moisturiser too! Apply a light-weight moisturiser and you’ll see that your face will become less oily.

7) Use a Mask Regularly

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Facial mask are like supplement to your skin. Chinese actress Fan Bing Bing uses about 600 mask a year! (1 moisturising and 1 whitening daily). Whilst Korean actress Song Hye Kyo uses DIY mask made of natural ingredient for her face mask. I personally prefer DIY mask as they are cheaper to make and I don’t have to worry if the sheet mask contains harmful chemicals.

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Go natural if you want naturally beautiful skin like Song Hye Kyo

8) Make Sunscreen Your BFF

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Uv rays are very harmful to our delicate skin, so always remember to slap on some before you head out. If you’re more diligent, you’ll be amazed to know that Fan Bing Bing even applies sunscreen when she is using the computer! Talk about commitment. But you have to agree she has one of the most translucent and flawless skin in Asia.

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To achieve fair skin like Fan Bing Bing’s- suncreen, suncreen, suncreen

9) Beauty In-and-Out

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When they say “you are what you eat”, they are especially serious about it in the skin care department. Most famous beauty gurus avoid eating foods that are bad for your skin such as junk food, chocolate, black tea and caffeinated drinks.

Instead, they load up on a variety of fruits and vegetables to get the vitamins the body needs to maintain good skin. So if you want naturally beautiful skin, it’s time to evaluate your diet.

10) Get Active

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When you exercise, it induces blood circulation; giving you a natural healthy glow to your skin. Also, your pores dilate and the sweat produced will push the dirt out of your pores.

Just make sure you clean your face with a clean towel after exercising and wash your face so the dirt will not get absorbed back into the skin.


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So do you want good skin? Then start making these 10 tips your daily habit!

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