10 Unmistakable Signs that You’re Actually an Introvert

Many people wrongly assume that all introverts are shy people who wouldn’t want to leave their rooms.

But that is totally untrue.

Many introverts love to be around people. They can be charming and charismatic. And many of the great leaders have been introverts.

To put it extremely simply, introverts get their energy while being alone, while extroverts get theirs around other people.

Of course, nobody is 100% introvert or extrovert – we all have a mix of both introversion and extroversion personalities.

However, in a society which is highly extravert, introverts can sometimes be forced to act in a way that doesn’t suit their nature.

Here are 10 undeniable signs that you’re actually an introvert.

1. You find large groups of people extremely tiring

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You may enjoy being around people, but the act of socializing actually drains your energy.

You sometimes find yourself completely worn out after a party or a day of networking, even if you didn’t do any strenuous activities during the day.

2. You were told to speak-up

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Introverts tend to be viewed as quiet.

And that’s because you generally think before you speak, while extroverts think as they are speaking.

Of course, neither way is inherently good or bad; it’s just a different way of processing your speech and thoughts – which could be useful in different situations.

3. You need (and actually enjoy) time alone

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Socializing can be a very intense activity for introverts, and they need to “recharge their batteries” by spending some time alone.

While the act of “doing nothing” can drive most extroverts crazy, it’s an undeniably essential part of the lives of most introverts.

4. You prefer putting pen to paper

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Introverts make excellent writers.

If you love writing – if you keep a journal, or write in a blog, or have enjoyed writing back in school – then you may be more introverted than you think.

Some introverts use writing as a means to consolidate their thoughts and practice reflection.

5. You hate small talk

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If you find the concept of small talk one of the worst ideas ever conceived, then you might well be an introvert.

Engaging in small talk depletes a whole bunch of the very limited mental energy that introverts have, and introverts don’t want to waste their energy on meaningless conversations.

6. You prefer to delve deep (into a subject)

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Introverts like to jump into the deep end, while extroverts are completely comfortable with brushing on the surface of a topic before switching to a different subject.

7. You’re easily distracted

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Introverts tend to be more sensitive to stimulation than extroverts.

While extroverts can work with music blaring and people chatting in the background, introverts find excessive stimuli highly distracting.

That’s the reason why introverts tend to prefer places that are quieter.

8. You have a small group of close friends

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You might find it harder to make friends than extroverts do, but once you form a bond with somebody, it’s likely to last a very long time.

Also, you might be less outspoken among strangers, but you have that few friends that you can talk to for hours on end and never get tired.

9. You tend to interact one-on-one, even in large-group settings

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You prefer connecting with individuals rather than with groups.

Whenever you meet new people (in school camps, networking sessions, or when you enter a new company), if you find yourself talking to one person after another, and not collectively as a large group, then you may have introvert personalities.

10. You may feel excited, but you don’t display it the same way as extroverts do

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Excitement is just a feeling to you, and you don’t necessarily display it in the form of pumping your fist or screaming at the top of your lungs.

To others, you may seem calm and collected, even though you’re exploding with emotions inside.


It’s Not Good, and Not Bad Either


Some people may tell you that you need to act a certain way, or that you shouldn’t be so “anti-social”.

But some people don’t know better.

There’s nothing wrong with being an introvert as much as there’s anything wrong with being Asian (or African, or Caucasian).

The only question you need to ask is if your default personality is useful in the situation you’re facing right now.

Introverts can also behave in a more extroverted way for a period of time (although you’ll need to rest and recharge your energy).

Finally, as I’ve mentioned, no one is all-out introvert or extrovert.

We all both introversion and extroversion character traits and no one type are better or worse than the other – only more or less useful in certain situations.


What are some of the traits that make you uniquely introvert?

Share with us in the comments below.

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