10 Ways Any Business Can Build An Irresistible Brand Using Social Media

The following article is extracted from the book “How To Use Social Media To Create And Income And Build Your Brand” which is written by world renowned business growth expert Kane Minkus.

Personal recommendation has always been the best way to find reputable businesses to deal with and buy from. In the world of Web 2.0, word-of-mouth is played out in the social networking arena. There are the 4 key platforms that give you unlimited opportunities to connect with your customers on their buying journey and convert them into your brand ambassadors. Though there are different rules of engagement in each platform, you can use them all in combination to extend the reach of your brand and create an online income.

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock, here’re the 4 key players…

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest

1) Integration – Are Your Social Media Channels In Cahoots?

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Do your social channels link up so that when you publish new content all channels are updated? To create a strong brand online it’s essential that your website and social media platforms work      seamlessly to create a coherent image. It’s also vital that your content is unique and taps into a hot topic that your followers want to know about.

  • Your website should showcase your Twitter feed, Facebook posts and LinkedIn updates
  • Promote your new blog posts on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Connect your Twitter account and LinkedIn profile so that every time you update your status on LinkedIn a Tweet goes out.

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2) Sharing Is Caring – Ask Your Visitors To Distribute Your Content

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How to Use Social Media to Create an Income and Build Your Brand

If you haven’t added share buttons to your product pages/resources/articles/videos or blog you’re missing out on a host of potential social impressions. Share buttons should make it as simple as possible for visitors to recommend your product or service to their networks.

And make sure that your content is share-worthy! Does it have a viral component – that original, compelling spark that makes people want to share it? Does it include a call to action that tells people to share it, how to share it and why they should share it?!

3) Are Your Social Media Platforms Search Engine Optimized?

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Social media is slowly evolving into a search service. The keywords you decide to target on your social platforms may vary since users search with different terms i.e. You might want to use a ‘lay term’ as a keyword for Facebook and an industry term on LinkedIn. Keywords should feature in your:

  • Photo Captions
  • Links
  • Tags
  • Tweets
  • Posts
  • Headlines

Optimizing your social data will improve not just your social media search results but also your general search engine results.

4) Give-it Away Now

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Does your website giveaway something for free in exchange for an email address? A good way to up the feel-good factor is to offer your prospects something free in exchange for their opt-in details. It could be a gift of any kind, a downloadable report, eBook, audio or video recording.

TIP: Subscribers who start learning from you straight away are more likely to become loyal supporters down the line.

5) Engagement

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Social engagement opportunities exist wherever you publish content and interact with your consumers. Recognizing how to encourage engagement and social sharing will help your brand extend its reach and inspire customers to recommend you. Employing engagement tactics across multiple channels and extending them across the customer lifecycle will bring brand awareness, loyalty and ultimately income!


  • Special Offers
  • Social Shopping
  • Surveys
  • Share Stories
  • Sweepstakes
  • Wish lists
  • Ratings
  • Reviews

TIP: Remember any prizes should be designed to attract those who fit the demographic profile of your best customers.

Catch Business Growth Guru,
Kane Minkus LIVE!

World renowned business coach, Kane Minkus, is in Singapore as part of his Asia tour to help transform any business into an industry leader in under 3 years!

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6) Multimedia

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Do you use video content to promote your brand across all your social media channels? If not here are a few good reasons why you should:

  • Video increases your Google Rank, gets you more clicks and helps you convert those clicks into sales.
  • Video is more engaging than text so if you’ve got something to say – people would much rather see it than read it.
  • Making a video about your brand, product or service is super easy: Ask yourself what your audience wants to hear about.

TIP: One of the most popular phrases searched for is “how to”. Think about some of the questions you most commonly get from customers or things people often wonder about when considering who to work with and buy from.

  • Create a short video (there’s no need for professional equipment) addressing a customer need                  or point of interest, then post it to your website, Facebook page, YouTube and Tweet the link to                  your  Make sure it’s easy to share and make sure you encourage your viewers to pass                  it on.

7) Don’t Redirect The Traffic!

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Are you driving traffic away with your Facebook ads? Keep traffic within Facebook by directing them to your fan page and the sub pages you can build within it. This drives cost per click down. Ads that stay within Facebook also have stronger calls to action – the Like button, RSVP button, Play button – and social context that make users more likely to click them versus ads that lead off-site.

8) Building Your Tribe

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The best way to build a community is through the people who have already found you both on and offline. When you speak at an event, invite delegates to become part of your community by                directing them to your social channels. Encourage loyalty with programs and rewards based on long term commitment and offer group incentives, discounts and exclusive deals.

9) Events

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Social networking sites are the perfect platform for building your events whether they’re business events, trainings, online events, or webinars. Instead of hustling trying to fill up those seats via referrals and word-of-mouth, try using Facebook or Twitter to build awareness, anticipation and that all-important buzz around your event.

10) Advertising

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As well as the chance to connect on a social level with your customers, remember there are social media advertising opportunities to consider. We found LinkedIn ads not as effective as Facebook, which currently leads the race in social media monetization. Pinterest is just getting started so grab the opportunity now by getting in on the ground floor. The best tip I can give you is to choose where you invest your ad spend wisely – and get the best advice you can.

Catch Business Growth Guru,
Kane Minkus LIVE!

World renowned business coach, Kane Minkus, is in Singapore as part of his Asia tour to help transform any business into an industry leader in under 3 years!

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