11 Apps Every Singaporean Parent Needs to Have To Help Your Child Learn Smarter

Nowadays, it is very common to see a young child strutting around with a smart phone or sitting in their prams playing with their parent’s iPad. While I don’t encourage this, it is a common practice among parents already.

Since we’re at it, might as well make the best of it, right? Load up your device or your child’s device with these educational apps that will help develop your child’s intellectual potential and knowledge.

1. Aa Match Preschool Alphabet

As the app title suggest, this is an excellent app for preschoolers to earn their ABC’s

“The game consists of matching lower case letters to their capital letters. The letters announce their sound when revealed and there is also a fun animation and sound made when the match occurs. If your children love letters and the alphabet song, they will love this game. Special care is taken to make the game’s interface extremely simple and avoid adding options and menus that would catch your child’s attention and diminish the educational quality of the game.” -.tantrumsolutions.com

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2. Study Pinyin

You know how it is quite common to see a Chinese not knowing how to speak Mandarin in Singapore? Many advantages come when your child is bilingual. So start your kid early by using this app to learn Pinyin, a language tool used in the Singapore Mandarin syllables.

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3. Dictionary Book

Back in the days, when we come across a word we don’t know, we don’t have the luxury to check a dictionary conveniently (remember how thick that Oxford dictionary is?) But now, when your child comes across a word that they don’t know, just start up this app and they’ll be able to search for the meaning of the word.

This is good for helping your child expand his/her vocabulary. You can even save the list of past searches so your child will be able to recap what they have learnt.

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4. Mathemagics 

This app is great for developing your child’s mental calculation skills. Not many people know this, but learning how to do calculations mentally also improves cognitive thinking capability amongst children.

This app is suitable for older children who have started more advanced level in elementary Maths such as basic multiplication and division.

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5. Splash Math 

Splash Math comes in an array of levels, from kindergarten to Primary 5. The apps are also customized to suit the taste of children of different grade level to keep them engaged.

“This app has another brilliant feature of insightful performance reports in graphical dashboard enabling parents to know the trouble spots and strengths of their kids while they practice.” – splashmath.com

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6. GeoExpert Lite 

GeoExpert Lite brings the world closer to home. Your child will be able to learn the geographical location of the various countries and their capitals, and also some general knowledge of these places. The interactive interface will keep your child engaged. The app also comes with a testing mode with leaderboard that will help motivate your child to learn more.

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7. Chemist Free 

Although most kids will only come in contact with advanced chemistry when they are in secondary school, it’s never too later to start and get them interested in the subject. Chemistry is naturally a captivating subject with the interesting reactions that most kids will get fascinated with.

Furthermore, you get to “conduct experiments” in a completely safe and hassle-free environment. So teens in secondary school will be able to use this app to recap and revise on the subject; particularly useful in advance of a Chemistry practical exam.

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8. The Gravity Ether

This is an interesting app to learn about the physics of gravity in space. It is education disguised as a game, so your child will probably never suspect. Apparently there’s also a dashboard for you the track your child’s progress and learning.

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9. Color by Numbers

Another game for preschoolers, a perfect app to teach them how to count and identify numbers and colors.

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10. iHomework

For students young and old, this app helps to organise homework documents. At a glance, you’ll be able to monitor your child’s homework progress.

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11. WAGmob 

When you search WAGmob in Play Store, you’ll be blown away by the sheer amount of education apps they have; most of them are free too! They even have educational apps for investments, civil engineering, various languages etc. Even adults can turn to their apps to gain some extra knowledge.

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