11 Great Reasons Why You Should Get a Dog

Dogs – they are expensive; they eat a lot; they sometimes bark in the middle of the night; they need to be sent to the vet regularly; the need their daily walks;they bite your furniture; they steal your food; and they poop all over the place.

Everyone should get one. And here’s why:


1. Leave For a Day, And It’s Like They Haven’t Seen You For a Year


2. Actually Leave For a Year, And They Cry When You Return


3. They Will Protect You


4. They Mourn Over the Death of Their Owner


5. They Help You With Your Daily Chores


6. They’re Fun to Train


7. They Wake You Up in the Morning


8. They Get Guilty When They Do Something Wrong


9. They Put Your Life Before Their Own


10. They’re Actually Really Smart (And Sneaky Too!)


11. They’re Just Overflowing with Cuteness

Do you have a dog? Share with us your experiences in the comments below!

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Shawn Lee

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