12 Ways How You Save Money When Grocery Shopping

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Every week, we go to the supermarket and buy groceries. With yearly inflation, prices will rise and reduce the purchasing power of your money.

It seems prices will never go down. (Probably just a little) What must we do to get more out of the things we buy?


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Buy Only What You Need

If it is a necessity, good. If you want that, try reducing buying it. If it’s nice     to have that, you must refrain from buying.

Buy In Bulk

Buying just 1 item usually cost more than buying 3 in 1. A 6 pack costs much less than   buying just one. Buying a carton of 24 is even better. The more bigger the bulk, the cheaper it gets.

Close To Expiry Or End Of Festive Season (price slash)

Sometimes the price will drop down to three quarters and to just half price if close to expiry date. You will get much out of it if the item is an expensive one and you hardly had a chance to buy cheaply.

I personally like to taste that item when this offer comes. Festive season ends e.g. Mooncake Festival price of mooncakes will fall by 20-50%. (Loss of festive spirit) If you feel like tasting and cannot afford the price, wait till season ends and the price will drop substantially and you can buy it.

Look For Freebies

Buy this item, you get another free or one smaller item. Buy two cartons and get one  free. I like the freebies with the same or different company logo. Sometimes, you ‘kill two birds with one stone’, you get both items you need with just one price.

Compare Prices

So many shops all selling the same item, but not all shops selling at the same price. You need to walk around and see which item is the cheapest, convenient and nearer to your home.


At wet markets, groceries sell cheaper than supermarkets. You can bargain the price. (No fixed price) Buy more, the seller will offer you discounts or something free perhaps.


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Supermarket/Credit/Senior Citizen Cards

You can get points or discount vouchers. Use the points and vouchers to deduct the total bill at the cashier. If you are 60 years and above, you can get discounts only on a certain day.

Free Tasting At Food Fare/Supermarkets

At food exhibitions and sometimes free tasting at supermarkets, the food vendors will let you taste their new products You get to taste them and not necessary buying them. (Need to be thick-skinned)


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Coupons From Newspapers And Online Websites

These coupons can help you save a little by showing at the cashier counter.

Buy Items In Ziploc Bags, Containers And Canned Food

You can store them or keep in refrigerator and remain fresher longer.

Lucky Draws

With minimum spending of $5 of the same company products, you can take part in contests and win more groceries. (Depending on contest prizes) Sometimes the supermarket organizes these draws with a minimum spending.

Online Shopping Discounts

These are discount coupons especially for shoppers online. You have to buy till a certain amount to qualify for free-delivery.


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We have a few combinations to get groceries for ourselves. Most important, it has to be easily available and cheap at all supermarkets and convenience stores day and night.

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