17 Budget Hacks That Singaporeans Can Use To Save Money When They Travel

1) Bring a Tupperware to pack your own food instead of eating out daily. Food can be terribly expensive, especially in the European countries.

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2) Plan your holidays during the low-peak season and avoid traveling during school holidays. You can save a lot of money by being a contrarian traveler.

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3) Get around with the BMWs – Bus, Metro, Walk. They are the cheapest way to get around any city!

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4) Bring along a water bottle. Paying for water adds up quickly and the money saved can get you another night in a hostel!

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5) Hotels have a lot of extra toothbrushes, paste, shaving cream, razors. Don’t be shy to ask for some extras!

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6) Avoid touristy restaurants and eat where the locals eat instead.

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7) Go where the Singapore dollar is strong. You’ll be able to get a much bigger bang for your buck and be able to extend your trip by days or even weeks.

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8) Take advantage of complimentary breakfasts and pack some for lunch later.

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9) Bakeries generally sell their breads at a discount towards the end of the day. Have you eaten the bread in Europe / America before? It’s amazing! Definitely not what you will find in your typical BreadTalk or Yakun!

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10) Do things in a group as much as possible. Fixed costs like cab fares and photo packages are cheaper if you average them out.

E.g. 4 of the 6 people in my whitewater rafting expedition were my friends. So one of us bought the photo CD and had the cost divided among the rest of us.

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11) Get travel insurance before you leave. The small outlay would save you from a large amount of loss if you do get injured or fall sick overseas.


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12) Volunteer on a farm so you can stay for free with WWOOF!

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13) Use a travel credit card while you’re overseas. Every dollar you spend abroad can earn you bonus points and miles that you can use to exchange for flights or cashbacks!

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14) Discount cards are a great way to save cash and if you’re a student, STA Travel has one that gives you many perks!

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15) If you’re traveling by train, take the night train. It not only gets you to where you want to go, you also save on accommodation and you arrive in the morning without wasting any time on traveling during the day.

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16) Take only what you need. The extra weight will cost you when you’re boarding the plane or when you are lugging that heavy backpack around. This also applies for anything that you can buy cheaply when you arrive at your destination.

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17) Always look to get free admission to museums and other local activities that may be going on.

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Know of other budget hacks that can help save some money?

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