17 Cleaning Hacks You Need to Know to Make Spring Cleaning A Breeze

Chinese New Year is coming soon, have you started on your annual spring cleaning? We all know what a chore it is to go through spring cleaning. But hey, here are 17 spring cleaning hacks to save your day!

They are categorised according to the different room spaces for easier references. Thank me later but go ahead and start getting your house sparkling clean for the new year.

Living Room

1) Use MagicWipe Dry Sheet to clean dust off any surfaces

Image source: Soukai

The fabric helps to trap fine dust and tiny particles. For maximum effect, rub the sheets together to create static; it helps to pick up more fine particles.

2) Fuzz-Free Ceiling Fan Cleaner

Image source: SheKnows

Hook an old pillowcase over one fan blade at a time and slowly wipe it backward. The blade will be clean and the dust will be trapped inside (instead of in your hair).

3) Restore your sofas

  • Leather sofas: Buff your leather sofas with same-color shoe polish and they’ll look as good as new.
  • Microfibre sofas: Follow these instructions here to get your stained and worn microfibre sofa looking fresh and new!
  • Natural Fabric sofas: Follow these instructions to clean your fabric sofa without ruining the fabric quality

4) Refresh wood surfaces

Remove water ring marks using the hot air from your hair dryer, and refresh the wood with vinegar and olive oil.


5) Easy method for clean and fresh mattresses

Image source: distractify

Make a concoction of water, vodka and essential oil and spray it on your mattress. The vodka helps to disinfect your mattresses and the essential oil leaves them smelling good!
Get the instructions here

6) Cleaning Glass and mirrors

Image source: gingersnapcrafts

Using soap or cleaning agents may give you a good shine at 1st but professional window cleaners had claimed that will still leave residues on your glass surface. Instead use a diluted concoction of vinegar and water. It’s safe, environmental-friendly and definitely more economic.

7) Make your own non-slip hangers

Image source: pinterest

You’re organising your wardrobe and it gets messier with every push-n-pull because your clothes are slipping off their hangers. Use pipe-cleaners (aka the CNY décor you use ) to make non-slip hangers

8) Replace your vacuum cleaner top with a squeeze-bottle top to vacuum hard-to-reach tiny spaces

Image source: wow58

9) Actually folding your bedsheets like this makes it neater and saves you space

Image source: Diyncrafts

*Bonus* Bag the folded sheets into the matching pillow case so you’ll be sure to pull out the whole set when you change your sheets


10) Fuzz-free way to Clean & polish your silverware with baking soda.

Image source:Susanbranch

“De-tarnish all your silver at once by lining your sink with aluminum foil, adding a 1/2 cup of table salt and a 1/2 cup of baking soda, filling it with hot water, and then dumping in all your silver. Let everything sit for about 30 minutes. The tarnish transfers to the foil, and you’ll save a lot of energy from not polishing each one by hand.”- complex.com

11) Fast and easy way to clean your microwave.

Image source: thechive.files

Add in slices of lemon to counter the smell of vinegar.

12) Organise those cords

Image source: Diyforlife

Store away crock pots, blenders, food processor and more without the annoying cord mess. Attach a strip of Velcro to the device and its cord.

13) Cutting Boards

Image source: Awesomeinventions

Cover any light-colored plastic or wooden cutting board with salt and rub down with half a lemon. Let it sit for twenty minutes and then wash it. This should remove any food stains and make your cutting board look new again.


14) Get rid of mouldy mildew stink on your laundry and linens

Image source: Classyclutter

You know how some of your towels or laundries start to have this stinky mouldy smell because they never got to dry properly. Follow these instructions to get rid of that horrible smell.

15) Clean grout between tiles with home-made cleaners

Image source: Hometalk

Those of us with tiled toilet walls will understand this pain of having gross, mouldy-looking stuff growing in between the tiles. With just baking powder, a little bleach and a good old toothbrush with stiff bristle (best if you have an electric toothbrush), you’ll be able get rid of that filth efficiently.
Find out how HERE

16) Diminish Hard Water Stains with Vinegar

Image source: Thriftyhome

These stains are easily accumulated if you don’t clean your toilet regularly and they get tougher as the days go by. Simply soak a few paper towels in white vinegarand place them on the hard water stains in question; around your tap, in your bath tub or even the area near your water filter under your sink (you can even use this method for your glasswares). Leave it for an hour and wipe clean with a towel. Water stains be gone!

17) Shower Head

Image source: Hackcollege


It seems that vinegar and baking powder is the common ingredient for effective homemade cleaning agent. Time to stock up on them for your spring cleaning!

For more extensive cleaning hacks, check out these sites that I had referenced from too.

*Featured image credit: download3dhouse.com


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