3 Marketing Strategies When You are on a Tight Budget

What is a business owner to do who has a great business model, but a small budget to back it up? Marketing can come with a very expensive price tag, which intimidates many new business owners. It can be especially daunting when competitors are more established and can afford huge marketing campaigns. Can a small business compete and, dare we say, succeed? Fortunately for small business owners out there, online avenues have opened up low cost methods of marketing that can be very effective. Give these 3 low-cost online marketing strategies a try, which can bring traffic to you without draining your wallet.

Blogging – Build it and They Will Come

Building and maintaining a blog can be a low cost marketing strategy, assuming you create your own content. Simply add engaging content as close to daily as possible. Make your content reputable, informative and valuable. What does this do? It provides useful information that people want to read. Remember, useful information will get shared on social media platforms. The more views, the better. While working on your blog, locate a few high ranking blogs and pitch an article idea. If accepted, you get the opportunity to be a guest blogger which will give you access to a larger audience.

Social Media – The Power of Social Activity

Powerful and free marketing tools are found by actively participating in social media platforms. Sign up, build a business page, get active by sharing relevant content and comment on the threads or posts of others. This will build your following. It will also provide you with a seemingly endless pool of potential followers. However, in general, people follow individuals before they do companies. To combat this, you’ll need to give them a reason to follow you. What do you do? Share, and share often. You can share funny niche related images, or simply keep up with trending topics and share what you find.

Brand Yourself – Become a Reputable Household Name

Becoming a household name through branding will lead to profits. When a person needs something, there is a company that will instantly come to mind. For example, when you want groceries, who do you think of? I think of NTUC Fairprice. That is the position where you want to be. In order to effectively brand yourself, you need to choose a personality and niche for your business and consistently promote it. Across your website, emails, blog, social media campaigns and store fronts, you need the same branded message. What is it that you provide?

Be Discovered Online

Turn your business into a powerhouse by gaining visibility online. A small start-up budget does not have to prevent you from getting the word out. Start making a social impact through blogging, sharing and branding yourself. It is not rocket science and just involves providing valuable, interesting writing that customers of your business would be interested in. Oh yes, and providing it frequently!

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