3 Reasons Why Millennials Will Love This New Credit Card

Youths between the ages of 26-35 will appreciate what you are about to discover, as UOB’s new credit card offers you a world of dining and shopping perks.

If you are someone who values cash back over air miles, this might be the card for you.

How so?

By swiping it at many popular hangouts, you enjoy seeing money come back… just for spending some.

Here are 3 ways how the new card makes your friends feel like you own the town.

1) Enjoy Nightlife At Venues Where Your Friends Actually Do Hang Out

Many cards offer tie-ups with places where your cash won’t last you very long.

Places such as hotels where wining and dining will burn right through your meal budget for the week.

Not this one.

You’re looking at partnerships with dining establishments such as Overeasy and Timbre, so rest assured that you can enjoy a night out with friends that doesn’t skyrocket your spending through the roof.

You will love that on weekends, where laws of economics cause prices of things to shoot up, you get a higher 8% rebate in cash as compared to getting 3% on weekdays.

[image credits: uob.com.sg]

2) Step Aside PayWave, This One’s Even More Convenient

Remember the Visa PayWave advertisement in cinemas, where someone held up the entire queue because he did not use the card unlike everyone else in the ad?

Not having the PayWave card drew him looks of disgust from other patrons of the cafe.

Want to buy stuff without even bringing your wallet with you?

The owner of this card has the ability to make payment using just the mobile phone.

As long as you have a mobile phone running on Android 4.4 with NFC function, you are ready for this.

You can go to Settings – About Phone to check if you are ready to install the app that will facilitate the payment.

After installing the UOB Mighty mobile app on your mobile, you are now ready for contactless, cash-less payments.

Imagine the convenience of still being able to make payment, even when you left your wallet at home the next time you go out.

3) Less Painful Check-Out Payments

Remember when you got your first credit card in the mail?

Ripping out the card from the envelop and seeing your name embossed in shiny lettering, you feel like you have scored a milestone in your journey of personal finance.

Years later, after having failed to convince the credit card company to waive off the annual fees, you take the well-worn card out to make a payment for an online purchase.

When the website asks you for the credit number, you squint your eyes to decipher what’s left of the digits.

[image credits: www.sbicard.com]

After that, you turn the card around to squint further at the security code which is several font sizes smaller.

If that describes a situation you’re all too familiar with, this card is about to change your life for the better.

straits times feature uob_yolo

With the credit numbers showing in vertical columns for readability, it shows us what cards designed for humans feel like.

The existing design is meant to be read by machines, not people that need to read the numbers and type them into payment portals.

Online shoppers rejoice, because on top of having a card that’s easy to read, you save a step by not having to flip the card around.

The security code is in front of the card, taking a page from American Express and making life easier for you during checkout.


Millennials are the main people that will appreciate the benefits this card brings.

This card wins by partnering relevant dining establishments suitable for youths, an increase in convenience through the use of technology and a design that makes better sense for human users.

A final note on how it bucks the trend by not having its name emblazoned across the face like 99% of cards out there, this card is the present-day reflection of the upcoming generation of consumers.

Characterized by young and bold adults that often cite the slogan, “you only live once”, that’s the association this card seems to bestow upon its owner, in the spirit of YOLO.

Are you going to apply for the UOB YOLO card? Why or why not?

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