3 Types Of Investment That Come With Guaranteed Returns

Everyone wants to increase the value of their investments while taking minimal risks.

Except the Singapore Savings Bond, perhaps one other way you can look for guaranteed returns…. is to simply invest in yourself!

Many people look to other means – stocks, fixed deposits, investment-linked insurance policies and forget that at the end of the day, investing in yourself could prove to be one of the best decisions to make in your life. Not only do you increase your value, there is little risks and can lead to an increased quality of life with minimal monetary outlay!

Your investment options include:

  1. Develop New Skills/Learn New Knowledge

Many people may think that to ‘upgrade’ yourself means to go to school again, perhaps for further education.

In fact, you do not need to shell out tens of thousands of dollars to earn a new MBA to increase your knowledge. One of the ways to do this is to either increase new knowledge in skills you already have, or to learn entirely new ones that you are interested in.

For instance, you might have learnt coding during your university days and you remembered being quite good at it. However, your current job as a banker may not utilise this skill at all. Why not take 2 hours every Sunday to revive this skill of yours using free resources such as Code Academy or HTML5 Rocks?

terminal window coding computer programming

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Other valuable skills you can pick up include:

  • a new language
  • improving your software knowledge – there are lots of free tutorials on using Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint or Adobe photoshop
  • trading
  1. Strengthening Your Health

I’m sure you are no stranger to the phrase – Health is Wealth. Many people neglect their health, especially when earning money becomes a priority. But what’s the use of money when you become sick and tired? If your new year resolution each year is to go on a diet, start exercising or running a marathon… the good news is that it is NEVER too late to start.

running jogging shoes keep fit healthy sports

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Remember that you do not need to start running 30 minutes a day when you haven’t put on a pair of running shoes for the last 5 years. Even walking for 20 minutes is already a great start. Not only does exericising help you to control weight, it improves your mood, helps to destress, boost your energy and of course, may even save you loads of money from potential medical expenses.


  1. Networking

Do you associate networking with hypocrisy or sales? If that’s your perception, perhaps you need a paradigm shift to allow yourself to see the benefits of building relationships. Active networking not only helps to build career growth, you can also help you to enhance your relationship skills – much needed in all human relationships.

networking meeting friends new people

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Networking can be an excellent way of gaining new perspectives and ideas as you get to know different people with various background. Not only does it help you to develop a more open mind, it also increases your general knowledge about the world and different cultures through your conversations- something that school education lack.

If you find that your environment (work or home) does not allow you to meet new people, you’d need to be more proactive – try out new activities or look up interest groups online to attend netoworking sessions. You never know if you’d find lifelong friendships or people who could give you the lead to your next career.

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Are you keen on investing in yourself? Here are some ways you can start adding value.

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