3 Unconventional Ways to Connect with Your Children

One of the biggest problems parents have these days is trying to communicate with their kids. In our fast-paced society, we noticed that parents are often so caught up with work and their children so busy at school. This obviously does not bode well for the relationships at home. So for this weekend’s post, we are going to sneak you a few tricks you can try using to connect better with your children.

Be warned though, some of these are not for the faint of heart!

1) Share a bottle of wine or liquor with your child (who is overage)

We did say they would be unconventional, didn’t we? Alcohol lowers our inhibition that is why we tend to talk more over drinks. Sharing a bottle with your child will not only help to make conversations more natural, but more easy-going as well. Of course, we aren’t asking you to get your child drunk! However, if you want to find a reason to chat with them, doing it over a bottle is one of the easiest ways to ease into it. No child will ever reject drinks with parent because…

• It’s free!
• Its drinks!
• It’s free drinks!

For those who are underage, a good alternative would be to bring them out for a good meal. Pick a location that’s conducive for chit chatting. Nothing too posh (it’s intimidating to talk) or too street fare (it’s too noisy). Pick a typical restaurant and buy something like steak that requires time to cut and eat so that your child won’t rush through the experience.


2) Bring them out for an adventure

If you’re one of those hip parents who are fond of adventures, you can try tempting them with a short weekend getaway. Offer to do things like pick up a diving license with them, plan a road trip or even take a train into Malaysia together. Young people love to experience new things, but they often don’t have the money to do it. If you sponsor them to do it with you, they will spend those 2-3 days with you. Some activities like scuba diving would require a buddy system hence you would definitely get to spend extended time together!

For those who are on a budget, there are local adventures to consider such as trail hiking, indoor rock climbing or even flowboarding in Sentosa. If you don’t already know what those are, it’s high time you check them out!


3) Build something together

Even if you are less adventurous at heart, you need not worry. You can offer to bring your child to Ikea to pick a piece of furniture for their room. This is a particularly useful exercise to do with your daughters who want that new dressing table or an extra wardrobe in their room to contain all the new clothes they had been amassing.

For those fathers who are seeking a bigger challenge to bond with their sons, you can initiate to build a wooden shelf or table from scratch. All the sawing and drilling is bound to connect more than just wood pieces together.


Over here at Wealthmastery, we wish to create more than just money for our readers. We are committed to bring you wealth, happiness and success at the same time and we hope these 3 tricks will help you to improve communication at home!

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