3 Ways Anyone Can Overcome Stress Related To Money

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In Singapore especially, our lives inevitably revolve around the talk of “money”. It is very common to hear Singaporeans speak about the supposedly insurmountable cost of living.

In fact, that has been one of the main topics in the general election that just passed. How then can one overcome stress in a world that eats and breathes money?



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Here are 3 ways for you to keep in mind:

1)    Provide Value And Make Money


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When we keep thinking that we “need” money, we become needy instead of worthy. How do we make ourselves worthy of more money? The answer to this question is simple but often overlooked: we need to increase the value of what we give to the world.

There is no way we can expect money to be given to us on a silver platter for rather ordinary work. This is the age of constant innovation, competition and a race for riches. If we do not wish to partake in this “rush”, at least we must be able to provide value that is appreciated and much needed.

Thus, instead of fussing about our “lack of money” or “need for money”, it would be more productive to think about “what type of value can I give that people need and that would in turn make me valuable?”

Yes, as for this principle, it involves asking the right questions rather than merely waiting for the right answers.

2)    Believe That Money Is Neither Scarce Nor Limited


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Just recently, I witnessed for myself how an egg was thrown on the side of a BMW car owned by someone I know. The car owner wiped off the mess as though it was a daily affair and went on to share with me how his car doors have multiple scratches on them as well. He said it’s not a once in a while affair, but rather an almost daily affair.

For a split second, I can’t deny that I did wonder if it was out of jealousy. And if so, why? Perhaps I am wrong in my conclusion but for the purpose of illustrating this principle, let us ponder on the question of why are people quick to dislike those who look or seem richer than them?

If we ever want to grow beyond our current circumstances and one day achieve some sort of riches or financial freedom, how can we set our minds to it if in our hearts we despise all rich people? One does not have to go too far to notice this trend. It is evident in the incessant trolling on social media and I’m sure many would have noticed it too.

It is imperative then to operate from the understanding that there is an abundance of wealth in this world and that if someone else has more it does not at all mean that we will have less. On the contrary, it should re-affirm to us that there is indeed plenty of wealth to go around and we can have our share too.

Another example is the constant haggle for promotions in the workplace. Since certain positions in a company are limited in number, people take it rather personally when someone else is promoted and not themselves. It is no wonder then that some of us have it ingrained in our minds that success is scarce and that if others get it, we won’t get it.

We need to purge this out of our system. If such a situation ever happens to us, we need to remind ourselves again of this principle and understand that the world is larger than a single company or cubicle.

3)    Keep Learning: Worry Will Not Solve Anything… But Learning Would

This may seem obvious but we often don’t put it into practice. Perhaps we can start by directing our attention to learning useful stuff whenever an unnecessary worry pops up in our minds and hearts, instead of allowing ourselves to brood over.

My mentor Imran Md Ali once said, “The income gap is a myth. There is no income gap. There is only an “information gap””. Now, think about that for a second.

A lot of stuff we don’t currently have is because we lack certain knowledge. Maybe it is knowledge of how to save money, how to grow our money, how to trade value for money, how to run a profitable business etc.

Only if we direct our attention to learning how to fill these “information gaps” and top it up with massive action, can we change our situation.

As for worry, well, it does nothing but fills us with inertia and keeps us where we are.

The choice is ours.

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Do you have stories to share about how you overcame worries about money? Let us know!

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