3 Ways How Singaporeans Can Save Money For The Family

It is no secret that WE LOVE shopping.

According to a survey done by VISA, Singaporeans have the craziest shopping habits in the entire Southeast Asia.

An essential part of Singaporean culture is to snap up cheap buys so we won’t “lose out”, which likely stems from our “kiasu” attitude.

In another survey by insurance company AIG, 36% of Singaporean shoppers go on holidays overseas just so they can rack up purchases.

“Singaporeans are taking their love for shopping overseas, flocking to destinations such as Thailand, Hong Kong and Taiwan in search of a bargain,” said AIG Singapore’s head of Travel Anita Tan.

However, do Singaporeans always manage to find a use for all those buys?

We don’t.

Here are 3 things Singaporeans spend too much on, and how you can save money for the family by managing them well.


1) Stop Getting Dirt-Cheap Clothes, Shoes, Bags Just Because They’re Cheap

If you have been to Southeast Asia’s largest market Chatuchak or Platinum Fashion Mall, you will know what I’m talking about. Our Far East Plaza back home can’t beat the outrageously low prices at Chatuchak Weekend Market and Platinum Fashion Mall.

It’s almost a sin to walk away with just a couple of items, especially when you can’t get that kind of prices in Singapore.

The outcome? Clothing end up being the culprit behind a cluttered room.

As if that cannot get any worse, the changing fashion trends keep shoppers buying compulsively, and banishing whatever’s gone out of fashion to the back of their closets.

What To Do: Carousell is a great platform to sell your preloved fashion items for quick cash. You just need 1-2 minutes to take pictures, enter a description and upload it to the marketplace.

And then you wait for a buyer to help you declutter.


[image credits: lovethaimaak.com]

2) Buying Food In Bulk Only When You Can Finish It

You wanted to get one item from the supermarket.

Thing is, that BUY-2-GET-1-FREE promotion proved to be too irresistible to pass on.

So we ended up with 3 items instead of the 1 we intended to get. More often than not, we are not able to finish the food and they end up in the dustbin when they eventually expire.

And whenever we are overseas, we load up on the exotic food purchases to bring them back to Singapore because we can’t get it back at home.

Some of that food sit around for some time, accumulating dust and creating unnecessary clutter to your house.

Does this sound familiar?

What To Do: Simply buy the amount you need and are confident of finishing.


[image credits: www.dailymail.co.uk]


3) Upgrading Your Mobile Devices So Often Until You Collect Idle Pre-loved Electronics At Home

It is no secret that Singaporeans are a tech-savvy lot. Unfortunately, this obsession with mobile technology also means that people replace their gadgets and mobile devices at an alarming rate.

Do you have used USB cables, chargers, and preloved mobile devices sitting around in your house? Or that old, cranky laptop that you can’t bear to dump?

What To Do: Carousell is a useful platform to put your preloved wares up for sale.

However, if you want to save the trouble and time, one of the proper, environmentally friendly ways to dispose of your electronic items is via RENEW [REcycling Nation’s Electronic Waste] bins.

You can find them at community clubs and schools should you want to recycle your old electronics and gadgets.

Learn about the list of RENEW Bins at selected public locations here.


[image credits: www.straitstimes.com]

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