3 Ways Singaporeans Can Benefit By Learning from Donald Trump

The heat is on as the American Presidential Elections is in full gear.

One of the most prominent and controversial candidates is none other than billionaire businessman and Real Estate tycoon, Donald Trump. You may find him familiar on television if you have watched “The Apprentice” with the famous tagline “You’re Fired!”


Donald Trump delivering a speech for the Presidential Elections.

Trump is arguably an all-round renaissance man, he is a business author, entrepreneur, philanthropist and one of the hottest Presidential Election candidates. Here are 3 things we can learn from him and apply in our lives.

1) Having Immense Curiosity

You have to be hungry to understand how things work and willing to tamper with new ideas in order to scale greater heights.

Trump’s curiosity and openness to the publishing and television industries and that paid off handsomely as he took the leap of faith to write a book and being a television personality, which led to the Trump brand becoming iconic.

Therefore, be curious, pay attention to trends and develop ideas for that opportunity. For example, you can start by being curious on how to serve different groups of people during the haze season.

You can then turn the current haze situation into an opportunity by venturing into, say, the air purifier business for the elderly or developing respiratory masks for athletes. You can have tons of opportunities coming your way by staying curious and receptive to new ideas.

2) Brand-Building

The Trump brand is one of the most established brands in American history and culture. Having an extremely strong corporate brand is one of the factors which sets Donald apart from the other political candidates in the election.

If you’re business owners, you must learn the essence of brand-building as this will give you the upper hand over your competitors in your industry. For a small business without a brand, no one will know who you are, what you do and why they should work with you when there are so many competitors.

By being a brand, you command authority and credibility as your audience will trust, value and appreciate the service you are providing. One way of creating a brand is to establishan online presence in the 21stCentury and start exploring opportunities online if you want to build a successful business.

As a Presidential candidate, Donald is extremely proficient and active in branding himself as the only logical choice among social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

3) Thinking Big

Thinking big is one of the biggest secrets of Donald Trump in his success as a billionaire Real Estate tycoon.

The goals you are pursuing in life must be sufficiently rewarding and challenging to motivate you to work towards it. Donald had dreams of becoming a billionaire business owner in his youth, he worked relentlessly towards his goal and he eventually achieved it.

You too, can achieve greatness like Donald. Believe in yourself and your ability to achieve great things.

You will then have the courage and motivation to pursue your goals if you think big. You will be motivated by the rewards of your goals and energized by the challenge which will allow you overcome your deepest fears to achieve it.

To win, you have to think big. Singaporeans can learn how to think big by reading biographies of the successful such as Donald Trump. You can attain courage and belief from reading the life stories of people who have dream and have lived their dream.

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