3 Ways How Singaporeans Can Discover The Next Profitable Company To Invest In

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When I first ventured into stocks investing, I was one clueless investor. I have learnt how to assess the company, management and the price. However, I am directionless as where I am going to find a company to invest.

The stock market is so huge and I do not know how to start. Do you have a similar experience when you first started?

Soon I realised that finding ideas to invest is not hard. Let me share the 3 places you can find investment ideas and maybe you will discover some great companies to invest in.

1) Things We Use


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You do not need to search high and low to find a company to invest in. Let’s start from the things we use.

What do you do the first thing you wake up? Head to the toilet to brush your teeth and freshen up, right?

Do you know the toothpaste you are holding on to may just belong to a listed company? Take Colgate toothpaste as an example, the company that is holding Colgate is Colgate Palmolive (Stock Code: CL – NYSE).

If you are using Oral B, the brand is under Proctor & Gamble (Stock Code: PG –NYSE).

For men, you must have heard about Gillette razors and women will be familiar with SK-II. Are you parents? You’ll be very familiar with Pampers. All these products are also from Proctor & Gamble.

Away from home, for those who use public transport like taxi, bus and the MRT train as your mode of transportation, it is pretty obvious that these transportation belong either to SMRT Ltd (Stock Code: S53 – SGX), ComfortDelgro Corporation Ltd (Stock Code S52 – SGX) or SBS Transit Ltd (Stock Code: S61).

Are you a car owner? Jardine Cycle & Carriage Limited (Stock Code: C07 – SGX) manage brands like Mercedes Benz, KIA and Mitsubishi.

When we go shopping, we may like to use our credit card like VISA (Stock Code: V – NYSE) or MasterCard (Stock Code: MA – NYSE).

Both are companies listed in the US Stock Exchange.

2) Food We Eat And Beverages We Drink

Peanut Butter on Bread with Peanuts

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You can find many investing ideas from the time you sit in your kitchen having your meals too. When you are taking breakfast, some of us love to spread our bread with Skippy peanut butter and a slice of wholemeal Sunshine bread. How does bread and peanut butter give you investment idea?

Well, Skippy peanut butter is under the company Hormel Food Corporation (Stock Code: HRL – NSYE) while Sunshine bread is under Auric Pacific Group Ltd (Stock Code: A23 – SGX).

For beverages, we have MILO and Nescafe that are manufactured from Nestle Malaysia Berhad (Stock Code: NESTLE – KLSE). Do you or your children drink Horlicks? This drink is manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline (Stock Code: GSK – LOND).

3) Things That We Wear Or Carry

luxury watch

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Finally, what we wear can also be investment ideas too. I am sure some of us have bought some office wear from G2000. Which company do you think G2000 belongs to? The company is Wing Tai Holdings Ltd (Stock Code: W05 – SGX).

If anyone can get a good investment from the things they carry, it must be the ladies! Coach (Stock Code: COH – NYSE), Michael Kors (Stock Code: KORS – NYSE) and Kate Spade (Stock Code: KATE – NYSE), any of these brands sound similar?

They are all listed in the New York Stock Exchange!

For luxury watches, we have Cortina Holdings Limited (Stock Code:  C41 – SGX) and Hour Glass Limited (Stock Code: AGS – SGX).

There you have it!

Investment opportunities and ideas right under your nose. Who says investment ideas are hard to find?

The trick to finding investing ideas and opportunities is to look up and be observant instead of looking down at your electronic device.

Do you have other ways to spot possible investment ideas? Share them with us!

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