3 Ways To Care For Your Health And Beauty Without Breaking The Bank

“Expensive stuff does not equate to quality”.  Another lie muttered in an attempt to demystify the remarkable trappings that come with money. Do not be fooled. Money buys us nice things. More money buys us extraordinary things.

No doubt, the product is not often worth the price tag. However, economics helps ensure that a little more money goes a long way in terms of quality… And luxury in material terms can only be bought with cold hard cash.

A vast majority of us fall in the middle. Indulgent artisan coffee drinkers, sometime pretentious hipster consumers or simply drag your feet office executives. We could all do with some better money managing. In the midst of all our struggles to attain some membership into the millionaire club, one must try to remember that saving and skimping are 2 vastly different concepts.

You could skimp your way to wealth. The trade off? A life deprived of living and perhaps even a sacrifice on health. You can hardly be sure of how to enjoy the wealth that may or may not present itself to you at the end of the day.

Keep in mind that while saving, you can continue to enjoy some of this material world!

Material enjoyment in bite-size puts you in practice mode.  When wealth rolls around, you’d be savvy enough having tasted some of the goods. And if wealth never comes in one huge glittery wave as you always dream about, you would have had been living a mini version of the good life in any case.

     1) Clean Your Face

I am often baffled by facial products.  5 steps before bedtime is 3 steps too many for me. Time is money and unless my face is the money maker, my time and money investment should have some limits. As I wear make up every day, a make-up remover is needed along with a cleanser. A savings friendly option which is also terrific for your skin is an oil-based 2 in 1 cleanser.  Now you don’t have to spend money on several products to do one simple thing- clean you face!


[image credits: wellandgood.com]

Years ago, I got into oil cleansers by trying my cousin’s Shu Uemura Balancing Oil during a stay over ($125 for 400ml). I have been hooked since. Easy, effective and feels so good for my skin. As a working adult, S$125 for a huge bottle of magic that last me every day for over 7 months seemed reasonable. As they were also the pioneers in Japan to bring about cleansing oils, options were limited in the day.

It was not until I was on hiatus recently, did I consider looking at alternatives, and viola!

There are so many brands on the market now, but to draw direct comparison (and also have you seen a Japanese lady with bad skin ever?), I chose to try out other Japanese products for the same usage. DHC a long standing cosmetics brand can be bought at Watsons, has a light olive oil based and feels like a treat to the face (S$43 for 200ml).

But the real price shocker has got to be Muji.  S$13.90 for 200ml, in a clear pump bottle synonymous to their clean minimalist branding. It is lighter than the other two in terms of texture and requires more for proper cleansing, but I can hardly complain at that price point. Yes you can get your face cleaned for 9 months, with a cleanser from a reputable Japanese house brand known for quality at the price of 2 artisan coffees.

You are welcome.

     2) Moisturize

Are you spending too much on that body lotion that comes as a matching set to your signature perfume? The one that wraps you in a euphoria of happy memories? Nothing spells fancy quite the way the right smells do. And it is so often overlooked.

The exorbitant cost of that bliss is something you can scale down. But it has to match the perfume, you say.  No matter. A simple scentless moisturizing cream mixed in with a few sprays of your preferred perfume. Do mix well and there you have it. A great body lotion for layering on your favorite perfume. You have just saved something in the region of 70%. Go ahead.  Smell like a million dollars or more.

    3) Drink Water

Yes this is not a typo and I will probably bring this up in every other article. You know what millionaires drink?

I don’t.

But I know what they do not drink. Cheap, nasty, aspartame filled products.

Why would they?

When you have all the money in the world, you will enjoy natural sweetness and pretentious health foods.

Kale and quinoa anyone?

Don’t get me wrong. Processed foods are delicious!

But of course they are. They are processed so many times over so we can and will be willing to actually eat them.

The fact that these processed foods are made from cheap produce and mass production, in order for us to afford them, immediately tells us the quality is hardly to be desired.

Luxury is in foods that are unprocessed. This is not a health and diet article. But to point out affordable alternative luxury, here you go.


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Try freshly squeezed juice and good old H2O. Delicious affordable sap of nature. After all, you want to keep healthy to continue enjoying what life has to offer, don’t you?

How are you investing in your health? Share your tips!

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