3 Weekend Travel Destinations You Can Enjoy On A Tight Budget

You are feeling the itch again – the travel itch, that is.

You enthusiastically look up possible destinations, create 10 different itineraries and picture yourself in thousands of photos depicting paradise-on-earth as the backdrop.

Visibly excited, you proceed to apply for leave.

That’s when reality strikes.

You have no more or very little leave left!

What do you do now?

Don’t worry, for here are 3 destinations accessible via budget flights from Singapore.

They might just help you squeeze the most out of every bit of that weekend vacation and thoroughly satisfy your wanderlust… without squeezing your wallet dry in the process.


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You probably already know about the common weekend getaways for people living in Singapore.

The following less common destinations are some that you can pack in a weekend (or take just 1-2 days more leave on top of a weekend)!

1) Siem Reap, Cambodia


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Airlines That Go There

Jetstar Asia, AirAsia

Why Go There

Often a destination under the radar for people living in Singapore, although less so in recent years, Siem Reap is a real gem with its relative ease to get around, affordable good food and drinks.

To top it off, there’s ample historical and cultural activities to nourish your mind!

What To Do

Definitely visit the Angkor Complex, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This comprises of the most renowned Angkor Wat, as well as the other famous Bayon, Ta Prohm and Angkor Thom temples.

Entry passes to the complex range from 1-day to 1-week-long (yes, it can actually take a week to finish seeing everything the entire complex has to offer!)

Hire a tuk-tuk driver who can double up as a guide for the entire day for an average of USD10-30 – you will not regret doing so as you not only can have the best routes to access the temples without having to walk.

Trust me, exploring the temples themselves is already quite a bit of walking.

At night, you cannot go wrong with Pub Street. Get delicious, mostly healthy and economical food, relaxing massages and cheap alcohol!

If it’s not your first time in Siem Reap and would like to try something different, the Angkor National Museum is a good choice. It offers a comprehensive and interesting introduction to Khmer history, architecture and art.

You can definitely spend a good few hours here in the beautifully designed galleries.

You can also reward yourself with a boat trip to Tonle Sap Lake and admire the beautiful countryside view.

2) Yangon, Myanmar


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Airlines That Go There

Jetstar Asia, Tigerair, AirAsia

Why Go There

While Myanmar may be more well-known for Bagan and Mandalay, Yangon is a city worth visiting that can be covered in a few days as opposed to its counterparts.

What To Do

Yangon is also famous for its pagodas and a few more popular ones include Chauk Htat Gyi (Reclining Buddha), Botataung and Sule Pagoda.

The most famous one though, is the Shwedagon (translated as “Golden Dagon (an old name of Yangon)”) Pagoda – this is an absolute must-see and I recommend that you make this the last pagoda you visit.

An excellent time to visit would be around 5pm, so that you can catch Shwedagon Pagoda in the day, when sunset falls and in all its glory at night.

Take a ride in the Yangon Circular Train which will last around 3 hours – this is probably one of your last chances to take the trains and visit the railway that date back to the British colonial era as it will allegedly soon be replaced with new modern trains very soon as the country develops.

Visit Chinatown for cheap alcohol, massages (there’s a 1-hour Thai massage going for approximately SGD5) and barbequed food.

3) Da Nang, Vietnam

da nang vietnam

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Airlines That Go There

Jetstar Asia

Why Go There

For a relaxing holiday by the beach, Da Nang is your best bet.

What To Do

The first thing to do is, do nothing! Soak up the sun and the atmosphere at the unspoilt golden sandy beaches before Da Nang gains popularity as a tourist destination.

Go to the Marble Mountains, which are in fact very accessible since they are within the city limits. It consists of the Mountains of Earth, Metal, Fire, Water and Wood. Several Buddhist temples have also been built into the mountain caves, which you can always choose to visit.

Cruise to Cham Island by wooden boat or speedboat to visit local markets, swim and snorkel, or simply to enjoy seafood!

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Now that you have more options to maximise your weekend vacation, what are you waiting for?

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