3 Words You Need To Stop Using If You Want To Succeed

Successful people have certain traits and characteristics that make them so successful.


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These days, achieving success (whatever that may mean to you) is comparatively easier than in the past as you just have to follow in the footsteps of those who have done it before you, and have achieved the level of success you want.

But, why is it that out of the many people who follow mentors and get coaches, only a small handful of students actually make it to the level of success they have desired?

One of the reasons (and, in my opinion, the KEY reason) – failure to understand the inner psychology and language patterns of their mentors, and failure to morph it and make it their own.

Many people have failed to realize that it is not just the “how-tos” (the steps) that are important, it is rather the “why I must” (the purpose) that is most crucial to anyone’s success.

Once you have your internal framework down, what comes next is also critical – the languaging.

Language is a powerful medium to use if you want to change any situation around. We think in words, and these thoughts subsequently direct our actions. Therefore, whatever we say has a subconscious impact to our minds, and whenever we are stretched out of our comfort zones, what words do you think our minds will replay back to us? What actions will we likely take?

It’s all dependent on the kinds of words we use. If we have positive languaging patterns, our actions are positive and productive and leads us to success.

If we have negative languaging patterns, we sink into uncertainty, depression and we will never get the success we want.

To change your circumstances, you have to change your languaging. Here are 3 negative languaging words that will hinder your route to success:

1) Quit

“This is too difficult… I don’t think I will be able to make it work any longer. I quit!”

Have you ever heard someone say that?

What would you see in that person while he is mouthing those words? You’d probably see a sad person who’s hunched over with a sad exasperated look, and he’s given up on life.

Would you want to be that person? Of course not!

Successful people will NEVER mention anything about quitting. Look at Thomas Edison. Did he quit the first time at his attempt to create a domestic electric light bulb? Did he quit after his fifth attempt? How about his 100th attempt?

He did not stop trying until he had successful made a bulb that could work in homes.

“I haven’t failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work” – Thomas Edison

2) Can’t

One secret that all successful people have is their ability to solve problems and provide solutions.

The word “Can’t” or “Cannot” is a limiting word that says that something cannot be achieved or accomplished and one should stop trying.

Opportunities, wealth and success stop once someone says “You can’t do that”. It dies when YOU tell yourself “You can’t do that”.

In fact, when someone says “You can’t do that”, you should be asking yourself this question, “HOW can I do that?”

In every “can’t”, there is always an opportunity to make things possible. If you can identify a solution, success and wealth will follow.

3) Fear

There is another secret all successful people have, and that is the courage to do things other people do not dare to do.

How many times do you hear Richard Branson saying that he is afraid to do something? Probably one out of a thousand, maybe?

Now, I’m not saying that fear is bad or you should completely get rid of fear. Fear is an important emotion to keep us from doing the wrong things and from dangerously jumping from building to building. However, much of our fear is unfounded fear, especially in this day and age.


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We fear what people might think if we follow our passions and become a full-time musician or designer, instead of getting a stable job in the government sector. We fear that business idea wasn’t good enough. We fear WE are not good enough.

All these fears are limiting us to tap on and activate our full potential. Fear is stopping us from stepping out of our comfort zones and do the things we need to do to be successful!

Imagine if you could do anything without fear, what kinds of success would you have already achieved? Think about it.

So there you have it. 3 critical words that you absolutely must stop using in your vocabulary if you want success!

What are some other words you might want to eliminate in your own life? Let me know!

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