4 Books That Show You How Money Is Really Made

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To many of us, money is an emotionally charged subject. In our society, some view it as a taboo or that it is impolite to discuss it openly. Some of us view it as something which is tantalising but yet fear to approach it honestly with our inner selves.

As a result of these mixed emotions towards money, many fail to enjoy a life of true prosperity and quite sadly, become beholden to money.

While there are many books in the market that touch on investment instruments, it is equally important to have an honest examination on one’s attitudes, beliefs and mind-set towards money before one can win at the financial game.

Here are 4 favourite books of mine to read that can help you view money with a perspective that your relationship may just take a turn for the better.

Book 1: A Happy Pocket Full Of Money By David Cameron Gikandi


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A Happy Pocket Full of Money explores how recent discoveries in quantum physics are related to the creation of personal wealth.

It is a book that examines one’s beliefs towards money and what exactly is limiting us from achieving the holy grail in wealth creation.

I recommend you explore the scientific connection to wealth, where the author shares exactly what and how to maximise your consciousness about wealth.

If anyone is committed to a path of abundance, the first step is to find out from A Happy Pocket Full of Money.

Book 2: The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations For Financial Stress Reduction By Chellie Campbell


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In a world beset with unpredictable circumstances, it is easier to succumb to negative influences in our environment towards money.

The Wealthy Spirit is an antidote to negativity. What you will likely gain from reading this is an ability to surmount the negativity through positive, daily affirmations.

It focuses on the your potential to wealth and provides many epiphanies through its 365 stories.

One for each day.

Using this day-to-day approach, The Wealthy Spirit offers you a route to a prosperous life at a reasonable pace.

Book 3: Beyond Wealth: The Road Map To A Rich Life By Alexander Green


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One of the most poignant mistake anyone can ever make is to embark on an endless pursuit of money, equating that to wealth.

In this book, the author acknowledges the significance of money but goes beyond the traditional parameters of wealth and poses heart-felt questions.

Questions that make you think hard…

What exactly is a rich life?

As the title suggests, there are other non-tangibles besides money that create wealth and it is by internalising these values in our daily lives that you can truly enjoy living a wealthy life.

Beyond Wealth is full of practical wisdom that ponder deeper on each topic and sets you up for reflection. It is a book which combines money, personal growth and successful living.

Book 4: Money, And The Law Of Attraction: Learning To Attract Wealth, Health, And Happiness By Esther And Jerry Hicks


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It exists if you believe in it.

That’s how the Law of Attraction seems to present itself as the universal principle that applies to everything that you do.

As one book out of many from the “Law of” collection by the same authors, this one emphasizes the how to creating the desired outcome you want… by means of thought restructuring.

Whenever you feel resistance when reacting towards a situation, the situation will only persist or worsen. In order to resolve the situation to the desired state, financial or otherwise, the only way is feel good by thinking good thoughts.

Through the conscious creation of each thought explained in this book, the Law of Attraction will open your thoughts to envisioning miracles that create wealth, health and happiness.

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Have you read any of the books before? Let me know what you think of them!

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LYS is a typical Singaporean in his 30s who is married with a son. Like many, he is interested money and has spent his time learning a lot about it. He likes to write and wishes to share his experience on his relationship with money.

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