4 Guaranteed Ways How Lazy Singaporeans Can Save More Money

Are you a chronic slacker? Does being frugal make your brain suffer from cramps? Have you ever needed to buy something, but the thought of leaving the comforts of your home put you off?

Here are 4 ways any lazy Singaporean can save money and time that barely require you to lift a finger (or leg).

1) Use Smartphone Apps That Can Help Track Your Savings Progress Easily

I have gotten pretty lazy when it comes to tracking my expenditure so I could use some help with managing my personal finances.

Wally is a free smartphone app that I really like and which allows me to record expenses ranging from transport to insurance. It also calculates my salary balance so I know my remaining budget for the rest of the month.

It is like a little personal assistant, making it easy for me to track my cash flows on the go and ensuring that I’m spending within my means. This app is a lifesaver – I have finally got my budgeting and financial goals covered.

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2) Schedule Automatic Payments So You Don’t Pass By Shops On Your Way To The AXS Machine

If you find it troublesome to log in to your internet banking account or queue up at the AXS station to make payment, this is a good way to avoid wasting your precious time and still pay your bills on time.

Best part? You don’t need to walk past any shop on your way to an AXS machine, successfully avoiding unplanned spending.

With GIRO, you don’t have to worry about making late payments and having interest incurred.

Monitor your expenditure with daily transaction reports and simplified account reconciliation process… without having to keep all your receipts, something that can be a painful experience for a lazy person.

[image credits: www.citibank.com.sg]

3) Maximize Savings With Price Comparison Websites Combined With Credit Card Promos

Favourite pastimes of lazy people should be shopping from home without having to go into a physical store, right?

How about doing that AND saving money at the same time?

Price comparison websites such as PricePanda.com.sg help you get more bang for your buck by finding the best prices for you in Singapore, without much effort. Moreover, when shopping online, pay with your credit card and get points or rebates that can be converted into cash to spend.

Head to your credit card website and you’ll find that they have links to book hotels, vacation packages, and online shopping sites. If you go through them first, you’ll rack up even more points than just placing any purchase on your credit card.


[image credits: pricepanda.com.sg]

4) Cut Membership Payments For Services You Seldom Use

You have signed up for a gym membership in the hopes that it can kick start your exercise regime for your fitness goals. It might be a waste of your money if you are not consistently hitting the gym because of laziness.

Do you know that gyms typically sell memberships with the expectation that a mere 18% of people will actually use them?

If you are not utilizing your membership enough, then you know you can save money by terminating it.

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You’ve just discovered 4 simple ways to be frugal with little effort. Now start saving some serious money!

Got another lazy way to save money? The frugal minds want to know!

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