4 Mobile Apps Any Foodie Should Install In Their Phone to Save Money

Singaporeans are known to be foodies; however, eating out in fancy restaurants or cafe-hopping is definitely not very friendly on the pocket.

Going around with groups of friends and trying out new food can be fun and a good way to spend quality time together.

So is there a cheaper way to go about it?

Here at WealthMastery, we suss out 4 mobile food apps you should use to help you save money and time on your next gourmet outing!

1) Eatigo

Eatigo offers time-based discounts and promotions at a wide selection of restaurants, allowing you to pre-book your space at the restaurants and get discounts at the same time!

You get to choose from over 350 different restaurants in Singapore as well as Thailand and enjoy anywhere from 10% to 50% off the menu prices.

Needless to say, eating at off-peak hours gives you the best discounts!

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With an app like Eatigo, you will never have to pay the full price eating at a restaurant again as there’s a minimum discount of 10% everyday, anytime!

One feature that’s great about Eatigo is that you even get to see the menu of the restaurants so that you already know how much you can budget for your meal!

2) Offpeak

Offering quite a similar concept to Eatigo, Offpeak is an online platform that helps diners save money and time in booking great restaurants online.

Other than searching by location, you can also search by price range, cuisine, as well as whether it is a halal-certified outlet.

3) The Entertainer

Foodies in Singapore should know about the Entertainer app. If eating out and trying new food and restaurants is somewhat of a daily or weekly obsession to you, it’d definitely do you good to get the Entertainer App.

Although it isn’t free, you would undoubtedly save lots of money with its long list of 1-for-1 offers for restaurants.

It’s not even limited to food and beverage only, offering its members with buy-1-get-1-free offers for beauty salons, health and fitness courses as well as leisure activities.

Not only that, the App also includes the Entertainer Travel with over 300 hotels worldwide giving you the chance to stay at the world’s best hotels.

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According to the site, the average customer in Singapore saved $642 as of 2015, with the help of The Entertainer.

Another great perk is that your dining deals are not limited to just Singapore, giving the foodie more discounts in other countries such as Hong Kong, Cyprus, Malaysia, London and Abu Dhabi.

4) Quandoo

It is not surprising to see Singaporeans queue up for the latest food craze or restaurants.

While you may be patient enough, your dining partners may not. This is when you need an app like Quandoo to help you skip the queue, especially during peak hours and weekends.

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Besides that, the other plus point about using Quandoo is that you will be rewarded for dining.

Every dining reservation at Quandoo earns you 100 loyalty points , which you can accumulate and be entitled to exchange for a voucher later. 10 reservations earn you a $15 voucher.

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