4 Mobile Apps That Let You Outlast the Haze

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Downloading apps on our mobile devices today is akin to buying magazines in the past. In this digital era, we have the privilege to select from an array of free apps that can enhance our lives.

While we seek to enhance our digital experience through application games and news aggregation apps, there are also worthwhile apps that serve to enhance our lives by saving us time and money.

In times of heavy consumption of N95 masks and hourly PSI updates from NEA prompting us to stay indoors… These apps may prove to be a lifehack that benefit many of us.

1) Carousell

This is the hottest digital marketplace in Singapore right now. Want to sell your unwanted stuff or browse for second-hand items? When it comes to reaching the largest audience online, it has got to be Carousell. The app also helps users save some money as items displayed for sale are generally cheaper than what we see in brick-and-mortar stores.

As it is a buyer-friendly app, items displayed are generally open for bargain. The app also comes with photo-filters to make products more appealing (easier to sell!). Navigation through the app is also easy as users are able to “follow” another user’s listings if she had prior good experience with the seller or is interested in the seller’s online store.

After browsing through the app, you may be surprised by the variety of items people are selling nowadays. Seriously, used make-ups? Well, who knows? Maybe you can also list that abandoned granny’s coat underneath your closet for some extra cash.

Too hazy to stay outside for long? Use the location filter to narrow down your shopping territory to be within short walking distance to ensure you get back indoors as soon as possible after your transaction.

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2) Foodpanda

Nothing beats home delivery services to save precious time. This is the easiest way to order your favourite fast food or hawker fares for supper. The app carries a wide range of participating food merchants from Pizzas, fast food, local fares and yes, even Italian cuisine. There is thus no lack of interesting choices when you need to fuel up in the midst of a mahjong session at a friend’s house.

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Also, by viewing deals and promotions in a single app, users save time and effort that are otherwise needed to browse through individual restaurant’s sites. Foodpanda also showcases exclusive deals to save foodies’ money.

Users also have the option of paying by cash-on-delivery, credit cards (Yay! Rewards points!) or PayPal here.

This helps you stay safe from the haze, until even delivery operations are cancelled. By then it’ll be time to turn the Singapore Flyer into Turbo mode.

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3) Getdeals App

This is the brainchild of Singapore-based Get.com. Although the financial-product comparison website is a newcomer in Singapore, the company has already made its debut 4 years ago in the U.S.

What the app does is that it enables users to view all promotions/deals/discounts from all banks’ credit cards using just one app. As the app detects the user’s location using GPS, the deals that are displayed will differ according to the location at the point of time when the app is on.

So forget about downloading individual apps from each banks. Now, you can just click on Getdeals to check out the deals on any of your credit cards that are near you now.

That saves you the trouble and possible health hazard of going personally to the banks to check out the deals, giving you crucial time away from the Haze and Dust.

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4) ActiveSG

Besides helping you to save money while buying, eating and selling, this app by the Singapore government encourages Singaporeans to be active and save money doing it! You can use it to easily book exercise facilities and pay via the app. What’s great is the fact that each person receives $100 credit upon membership verification, where membership is free!

You can then your this free credits to pay for your usage of the public sports facility. This $100 translates to 3 month’s worth of MyActiveGYM membership. The app has already reached more than 100,000 downloads on the Google PlayStore!

Now’s the best time to utilize the gym credits during this period where outdoor runners are confined to indoor sports.

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Know any apps that make our lives better during this period of poor air quality? Smoke them out here!

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