4 Ways How Credit Cards Can Help You Enjoy Massive Savings For Your Wedding

Weddings in Singapore are an expensive affair. Many people choose to use credit cards to pay for expenses incurred for their wedding.

That’s largely because of the ease of payment.

Other benefits of using cards include the possibility of using a 0% instalment payment plan that helps in managing their monthly cash flow.

While many have focused on using cashback cards as a way to getting the most out of credit card payments for weddings, can there be other cards that give you better or other returns that you can enjoy?

1) Cashback

One of the most popular cashback cards to use for weddings is the AMEX True cashback card. This is because during its introductory period, you enjoy a 5% cashback on any purchase made in the first 3 months of receiving your card.

Using it to pay for your wedding banquet, wedding bands or bridal package makes a lot of sense. However, there’s a $5,000 limit, after which you earn a lower 1.5% cashback on the other purchases.

The Standard Chartered Manhattan card is another cashback card that’s popular. You can earn up to $800 rebate per year, at a maximum of $200 per quarter.

The downside is you’d need to split up your payments in order to earn the rebates.

Tip: the best way to maximise your cashback card is to apply one card for each partner to double the cashback amount!

2) Earn Miles For Your Honeymoon


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If your selected wedding merchants are not able to let you split up your payments, fret not. Some couples opt to use 2 cards instead – a cashback and an air miles card so that they can have the best of both worlds!

AMEX’s Gold card and Ascend card are great ways to earn miles. Spending $12,000 within your first year will earn you a total of 26,257 miles.

With that, you can book your return economy class tickets to Hong Kong!

The Krisflyer Ascend card earns miles at a faster rate of $1.20 per mile instead of $1.60 but comes with a more expensive card fee. With the Ascend card, you can earn around $40,000 miles within your first year if  you spend $10,000 in the first three months upon card approval.

3) Credit Card Promotions For Weddings


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Check out credit cards that give you special deals on weddings as well. These can include discounts on your banquet, a one time lump-sum rebate or an additional night of hotel stay with the hotel.

For instance, UOB offers $88++ off per table for a minimum of 8-table wedding banquet at Parkroyal on Pickering. You can save close to $1,000 on 10 tables!

Citibank has some good promotions on hotel banquets as well, such as 20% off wedding packages at Intercontinental Singapore. You also get an additional night’s stay in a executive suite, $300 rebate on total bill and 1 free bottle of wine per table for those who sign with Royal Plaza on Scotts.

4) Other Fringe Benefits Of Using Credit Cards For Weddings

If you prefer to pay by installments for your credit card, look for one that provides a 0% installment plan so that you can better manage your cash flow.

You might also want to look for a card that provides purchase protection in case your vendors provide unsatisfactory products or services.

Some cards provide a 90-day return guarantee, and this is especially important as wedding is your big day and any disservice could have disastrous consequences.

Lastly, remember to do your research well so that you can make the most of your credit card payments!

Do you have a nifty trick that saved you massive amounts for your wedding? Share it with us!

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