4 Ways To Live Like A Millionaire Even If You’re Earning $3000 A Month

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Before you dismiss this article as one of those get-rich-fast scams, STOP. I’m not going to teach you to become a millionaire, you can google your way there, if you want. Instead, I’m going to show you the ways in which you can live a millionaire lifestyle without needing to be rich.

How? You might ask. Lots of famous millionaires actually live frugal lifestyles – Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Ma – just a few to name. But if you are dreaming of sun-tanning on a yacht, travelling the world and having a Louis Vuitton around your arm, there are ways to do it, without costing you an arm and a leg.

1) A Luxury Arm-Candy


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What do you do when you can’t afford that coveted condominium located in the central business district? Your next feasible option is to rent. It’s the same for luxury bags – a few entrepreneurs have been clever enough to solve the problem of many women who can’t afford these leather darlings but would like to have them for a night, perhaps for the annual company Dinner & Dance or for a hot date. Prices for weekly rental depends on the bag type and brand, and easily costs around $50 to $200 per week.

Some of these websites include:





2) Be Your Own Boss


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One privilege of being rich is to have the option not to work, or perhaps to work for yourself instead. In the digital age, the barrier to entry to start your own company has been significantly lowered due to the sheer number of jobs that you can do with just an internet connection and computer. No more raising 6-figure sums for your capital, buying expensive equipment or renting an office space.

If you need a specific skill that you lack, there are always freelancers you can hire online! So if that’s a lifestyle you envy, why not work on a specific skill set you have and think about starting something of your own?

3) Round-the-World Adventure


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Tripping around the world without any worry about money is the dream of many. However, practically speaking, we all need some money to fund that trip and it’s not going to be cheap. Even if you can afford it, you need to think about how your LinkedIn profile will look to a potential recruiter when you are back to ‘normal life’, and how you are going to explain that long career gap.

If going on a round-the-world adventure is really your dream, there are so many ways to do it and the only obstacle is yourself.  Obviously there has to be some compromises on your side but that dream trip is definitely possible.

You can do this via:

  1. Backpacking – live very very frugally, and sometimes even relying on couch-surfing and working for free to get a night’s stay somewhere.
  2. Freelancing – if you have a lucrative skill that allows you to work online when you are travelling, it doesn’t really quite matter where you are physically.
  3. Working as a tour guide – it depends on where you are and what type of tour guide you have in mind. If you are looking to be properly employed, you will need visa and the necessary documents for you to be employed. But if you are extremely familiar with an area or a landmark, you can do informal tours for tourists. Going this route will not be easy, as it requires you to build good rapport with people and even with the communities in the area.

4) Get Out To Sea On A Yacht

We all know that having a personal yacht is almost synonymous with being rich. A typical yacht in Singapore will cost you at least around $50,000, and this does not even include maintenance fees and fuel cost. But if you are looking for just an experience, you can hire a yacht from around $500 here in Singapore – not too bad for getting a few friends out to sea for some sun and fun, isn’t it?


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It’s definitely fun to have a taste of the millionaire lifestyle, but at the end of the day, such ways of living is not sustainable if you do not have the resources to back it up.

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There’s little point to live that facade and accrue lots of debts so why not put that energy into making your life richer in other ways?

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