5 Common Things that every New Homeowner forgets to Buy

Have you checked your shopping list?

Shifting into your first new home can be quite a thrilling experience but all this thrill and joy can quickly turn into panic, especially if you are not well prepared for the move.

Here is a list of the six most common things that almost all new homeowners will forget to buy while shifting into the new home.

1) Toilet Papers

Although toilet paper is the most fundamental and critical item in every bathroom, most homeowners forget to put them on their list of items to buy before shifting to a new home.

They will pick up and put the air fresheners, liquid hand soaps and face towels in their shopping cart and forget about buying toilet papers.

It is only when they have already shifted to their new home and feel the need to use the bathroom that they realize that something important is missing.

It is therefore suggested to buy toilets papers in huge quantities so you don’t have to run to the nearest grocery store when the guests start to come for the housewarming party.

To be on the safe side try to put at least 2-3 extra toilet rolls in the bathroom.

2) Torch lights

Since you are moving into a new home, a new location, new neighborhood and new atmosphere, you should be ready to face new challenges.

You should never take electricity for granted because if there is a blackout you will care least about your Wi-Fi connection and will try to find a source of light to see things around.

A powerful, handy and reliable torchlight can be a source of relief for you and your family under such circumstances, but guess what?

Most homeowners do not even bother to put it on their list of items they need before moving into a new home.

There are many models of torch lights available in the market these days; so you should not go for substandard ones like those that look like a keychain.

Always try to invest in a heavy duty torchlight that comes with a Lithium-Ion battery and an anti-slip body.

While you are buying them try to purchase 3 or 4 of them and put them in different locations in your new home.

3) Ironing Board & Iron

Ironing board and Iron is another deceptively easy to forget item while shifting to a new home.

Most of us do not forget to buy the much-needed washing machine and the dryer but we usually forget about the next step in the laundry cleaning process – the ironing.

If you just keep one thing in mind that you will have to wear a wrinkle free shirt to your office the next day then you will never forget about buying an iron board and an iron.

If your budget allows, you can also go with a garment steamer. It is a long term investment and is much more effective and efficient than an iron board and iron.

4) Home Insurance

Another long-term investment that most of the homeowners tend to forget about is looking for and investing in the most appropriate home insurance.

In all the delight and excitement, many of the first-time homeowners do not bother about further searching for the most suitable home insurance policy for their new residence. Instead, they tend to stick to the same old skimpy plans.

Things have changed quite dramatically in the home insurance business and new companies have introduced much better products.

Tokio Marine’s FlexiHome Policy can offer you a peace of mind without breaking your bank.

You will be able to get a comprehensive protection of your assets as well as lifestyle needs in just one policy.

You can easily extend the coverage and include items such as:

  • Family Liability
  • Loss of Rental Income
  • Building Cover
  • Family personal accidental liability
  • Content Cover

5) Baking Soda

Well, there are so many other things that this innocuous little bottle can offer you.

However, it does not make any sense to put it on the list of items to buy before moving to your first new home unless the first thing you want to do after moving in your new home is to cook a delicious cake for your family.

Surprisingly, this little bottle can help you deodorize and even clean the interior of your microwave.

All you need to do is put two tablespoons of baking soda n a microwave-safe bowl, add some water in it and set the timer for 2-3 minutes.

Let the baking soda do its magic and you can see how clean & odor-free your microwave becomes after this magic.

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