5 Exciting Activities You Can Do With Your Friends And Family To Make This CNY An Unforgettable One

When you are at your relatives’ house during Chinese new year visiting, you may be wondering to yourself what are things you can do afterwards.

If window shopping in malls is not one of your favourite activities, then you will find exciting activities you can do as you read on.

Here are 5 activities during the Chinese new year period you can do that is easy on the wallet, but still relevant to this traditional period of celebration.

1) Let Yourself And The Kids Run Wild At The River Hongbao

[image credits: riverhongbao.sg]

[image credits: riverhongbao.sg]


If you look beyond the crowd, you may find yourself enjoying the festive spirit that’s happening at River Hongbao.

An evening walk by the river lets you cool off whenever a breeze comes along. When you feel like you’re ready to head back to the event happenings, you can walk a few steps right back to where the action is.

Let the children enjoy themselves playing the amusement rides and carnival stalls, with a total of 25 to try out.

They’ll be thrilled by mechanized dinosaurs that are 3.5m long. Remember to take a video with those because they can move! Form some priceless memories when you video the kids’ initial reactions to the moving dinosaurs.

Don’t miss acrobatic displays that play along to the year of the monkey, and be sure to wander around lighting exhibitions that make you feel like you’re wandering along the streets of ancient China.

Cost: Free entry, pay for optional activities such as carnival games and rides

[image credits: riverhongbao.sg]

[image credits: riverhongbao.sg]

2) Bask Amidst The Festive Mood In Chinatown

[image credits: chinatownfestivals.sg]

[image credits: chinatownfestivals.sg]



With lighting displays across 3 parallel streets, you can take a walk down Chinatown to appreciate the festive mood of Chinese new year.

Many people enjoy walking down this stretch of road because on normal days, all you see is slow-moving traffic and tourists flooding the Lim Chee Guan store for BBQ pork. During this period, much effort is taken to decorate the area with the animal sign that’s taking the spotlight this year.

Here’s a quick tip if you’ve never done this before: You can walk down Eu Tong Sen Street while taking the occasional glance across to New Bridge Road, because these 2 roads are really just side by side. Cross the Garden bridge when you’re ready for an elevated look at the decoration.

Then you can head to South Bridge Road and take in the sights there.

There, you’ve done it like a native Singaporean who’s done it tens of times.

Areas of interest: Eu Tong Sen Street, New Bridge Road, South Bridge Road and Garden Bridge

Cost: Free

3.1 Screenshot 2016-02-02 14.58.08

3) See Chinese Paintings Come To Life At The National Gallery

[image credits: nationalgallery.sg ]

[image credits: nationalgallery.sg ]

As you stand there admiring the artwork of Chinese artists, you will feel reconnected to your roots as descendants of the people that came from far away in search of a better life for their children.

Let the paintings of Singaporean-born Chua Ek Kay and Wu Guan Zhong whisk you away to the faraway lands of France and various Chinese provinces.

From watertowns and arching bridges to vast grasslands that are in harmony with nature, you can spend an afternoon browsing through hundreds of exhibits.

Wu, the founder of modern Chinese painting will show you through his art work what creativity means before photographs came into existence.

The museum is walking distance from City Hall MRT, you can get there rain or shine thanks to a covered walkway even across the road.

Cost: Free for Singaporeans/PRs | Book your tickets

4) Celebrate CNY With Celebrities, Take A Selfie With The God Of Fortune For Good Luck

4.0 Screenshot 2016-02-02 15.12.20

[image credits: madametussauds.com]


Where can you stand a chance to meet the real God of Fortune?

The answer is probably never.

That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy CNY promo rates to go see celebrities that look almost like the real thing over at Madame Tussauds wax museum.

[image credits: madametussauds.com]

[image credits: madametussauds.com]


If you’re lucky, the wax figurine of the God of Fortune may just come to life to shake your hand vigourously, infusing your coming year with good fortune.

Who knows, you may just strike 4D and TOTO with his blessings.

Quick tip if you love taking selfies with the celebrities – notice where they are looking, let your eyes follow the same direction before snapping.

You will look much more convincing when you celebrate your Chinese new year with Taylor Swift in town!

Cost: $20 for adults booking online, with freebies | Book your tickets

4.1 Screenshot 2016-02-02 15.09.50

5) Experience What It Means When They Say “Spring Is In The Air”

[image credits: gardensbythebay.com.sg ]

[image credits: gardensbythebay.com.sg ]



Feel yourself wearing out? Recharge yourself with a visit to Gardens by the Bay and enjoy the spring festival with the fresh smell of flowers.

Not just any flower, but one that’s related to the zodiac sign of the year.

Dahlias, flowers that remind us of spring. Have a whiff of the scent as you walk with loved ones in air-con comfort.

The smell of spring freshens your body and soul after starting your engine in January.

For a limited time, the Dahlia Dreams exhibit is made with reference to the setting of a Chinese fairy tale, Journey to the West.

Immerse yourself in the fantasy world where the Monkey God, Sun Wukong was born.

You can visit the Flower Dome to experience spring in the Flower & Fruit mountain, till 27 Feb 2016.

Cost: $20 for Singapore citizens, permanent residents and those living in Singapore, including holders of employment pass, work permit or dependent pass. | Get your tickets

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With these 5 places that you can explore during this festive period, you can look forward to going there after all the home visiting is done.

What do you like to do when you have a moment to spare during CNY? Let us know!


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