5 Fashion Lifesavers You Need To Prevent Yourself From Overspending

Fashion lovers alert!

If you find yourself checking out new designs from blog shops frequently and cannot resist buying something every time, there is a likelihood that you are spending too much on items that you do not need.

It is not uncommon for every fashion lover to encounter the scenario of overspending on fashionable products more often than they expected.

The temptation to spend a huge bulk of your salary on trendy clothing and accessories is very real as these products never seem to stop coming up.

A tip to better self-control when it comes to spending on fashion is to recognise what you really need in your wardrobe.

Staple pieces are great investments as they are classic and will always be well-received regardless of trends and seasons.

Here are 5 fashion classics that every woman should cut down on spending and release yourself from the weight of an overflowing wardrobe.

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1) Comfortable Shirt

If you are going for a job interview and have no idea what to wear, a classic shirt that fits well can never go wrong.

Good quality shirts are especially important for white collar workers, who need to look professional at all times.

In countries with a hot and humid climate such as Singapore, the best investment will be shirts made of breathable natural materials like cotton or linen.

Classic shirts can help you save money as they are highly versatile and can be styled in many different ways.

For instance, matching a shirt with a sleeveless vest helps to achieve a modern vibe while pairing one with a flared skirt creates a feminine style that looks equally professional.

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2) Lace Top

In the world of fabric, lace is the epitome of femininity. Unless you do not want to be associated with being feminine, it is always a good idea to own a couple of lace tops in black or white.

While a fully-laced dress may appear overly glamorous and impractical for frequent wear, monochromatic lace tops can be dressed up or down easily.

This makes them worthy closet staples which can be styled for various occasions, ranging from the office to a wedding dinner.

3) Shift Dress

Loose fitting clothing is extremely suitable for Singapore’s hot weather conditions.

A well-made shift dress not only flatters a woman’s silhouette but also offers a high level of comfort which figure-hugging apparels can never emulate.

As a shift dress does not put emphasis on waist definition, it is important to pick the right piece for your body-shape.

The wrong dress is going to end up in your bin or donation bag before they can become the perfect staple design you always reach for in your wardrobe.

As a rule of thumb, going for a shift dress that skims over your “problem” areas such as the hips and upper legs, are likely to be the most flattering. If you are petite, avoid designs that are too boxy as they can overwhelm your size.

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4) Denim Shorts

It will be surprising not to find at least one pair of shorts in every woman’s wardrobe.

Denim shorts, in particular, possess an evergreen appeal that never seems to go out of style. This can be due to the fact that a pair of denim shorts can be matched with any type of top without losing its casual-chic charm.

Go for a light-weight or distressed cotton denim shorts with a looser fit for the highest level of comfort. It will become your favourite weekend staple in no time.

5) Black Pumps

Similar to a classic shirt or smart blazer, you can conquer the workplace by constructing your most professional image with a pair of black leather pumps.

The sleek and elegant design of these shoes also mean that they can be mixed and matched with almost any clothing in your wardrobe, for both day and night outings.

We would like to know what is a fashion staple that you can’t live without and which helps you to spend less on unnecessary fashion items? Share with us in the comments below!

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