5 Investing Apps Every Investor Should Know

Gone are the days where we have to keep track of our stocks via the pixilated teletext screen. With the dawn of the technological age, every investor can now keep track of his stock price on his mobile device. In fact, there are many apps out there designed to help you with this tracking process.

However not all apps are created equal. Besides purely displaying the price of the stocks, there are some apps out there which also give its investor some value-added information. I did a bit of research on the stock tracking apps out there and have gathered the top few apps for you.

1) SA Stock Market News by Seeking Alpha


Photo Credits: Google Play

For those who are not familiar with Seeking Alpha, it is a very popular investment analysis website. They usually have many reports and stock reviews contributed by their loyal readers. Many of these in depth reports and stock analysis are actually the result of their readers’ hard work.

Like any typical stock tracking apps, you are able to create several portfolios to organize your stocks holdings, watchlist and etc.

On top of that, they also very up to date with news regarding your specific stock. Any news related to the stock in your portfolio would be sent directly to your app.

The only con about this app is that it only covers the American stock markets. Otherwise, it is an excellent app for investors who invest in the American markets.

2) Scutify by Scutify

Photo Credits: Google Play

Photo Credits: Google Play

One of the most beautifully designed stock apps with very friend user interface, Scutify might be what some people call as an upgrade to the Seeking Alpha app.

Besides having the typical functions of stock tracking and investment news, it goes one step further by keeping track of Forex currency pairs, commodities prices and even current sentiment!

It keeps track of major stock markets including the US, UK, Australia, Canada and India markets. Unfortunately, it does not cover the Singapore market as well.

Forex Systems

3) ShareInvestor Mobile by ShareInvestor Pte Ltd

Photo Credits: Google Play

Photo Credits: Google Play

Finally, one of the investing apps that is tailored for Singapore shares! ShareInvestor is a subsidiary of Singapore Press Holdings hence they created this app especially for investors in Singapore.

ShareInvestor is probably one of the apps with more functions with regards to the Singapore market. It is the most pleasant to the eye among all the apps designed for Singaporean stocks.

However, the app has a history of glitches and has a tendency to hang.

4) Singapore Stock Viewer by SmartCity

Photo Credits: Google Play

Photo Credits: Google Play

This is probably one of the simplest, no frills app that is available on this list.

As its name suggests, it only track Singapore stocks. While the design is extremely bare and minimum, it does what it is suppose to do. It even keeps tracks of ETF prices.

This app is ideal for the minimalist who is not picky and is not looking for too many features.

5) Stock Quote by Bishinews

Photo Credits: Google Play

Photo Credits: Google Play

While this app may not look as fancy as Scutify nor does it work as simply as the Singapore Stock Viewer, Stock Quote app makes this list for having a feature that none of the above apps are able to boast about – it allows you to keep track of your Singapore shares as well as your American shares!

This is great considering that I hate opening one app to check on my American holdings and then having to open another to research on my Singapore holdings. This is the app equivalent to that 2 in 1 shampoo & conditioner that every man loves!


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What apps do you use to keep track of your shares?

Share (pun intended) with us in the comments below!

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