5 Lessons I Learned From The Science Of Getting Rich

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The Science of Getting Rich is a 19th century book by Wallace Wattles who is touted as the one who “introduced the world to the law of attraction and the power of positive thinking”.

If you have heard of the book and film called ‘The Secret’, you might not expect that ‘The Science of Getting Rich’ is the inspiration behind it.

The creator of ‘The Secret’, Rhonda Byrne, credits the concept to ‘The Science of Getting Rich’.

Fun fact – ‘The Science of Getting Rich’ was written even before Napoleon Hill’s ‘Think and Grow Rich’.


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In this article, I will be sharing 5 lessons that I have learnt from this classic book.

1) It Is Not Wrong To Want To Be Rich, It Is Your Right

Some of our past programming might have led us to believe that the desire to be rich is in fact evil or counter-productive. But as human beings, the development of our body, mind and soul is all of equal importance.

Only when we are able to develop ourselves fully in these 3 areas, can we give the best of ourselves to the world and in the service of God. And to get there, we need money.

There is no need to neglect one aspect (body or mind or soul) in favor of another because by nature, we are blessed with the ability to seek out more for ourselves.

Unfortunately, many of us keep falling behind on this because we inherently believe that we are not capable of more riches.

It is our right and duty to make the most of what we have and what we can achieve in order to seek out more riches and fulfillment so that we can give more to our families, society and in the way of God, if that is our inclination.

Most people do not desire to be rich only for selfish or evil motives.

2) Getting Rich Is An Exact Science, Not An Art

Many people think that the environment, skills, talent, natural abilities, type of business, capital etc play a part in someone getting rich, remaining poor or just getting by.

But even we would have seen people in the same business, doing the same stuff in the same environment, and one might get rich while the other remains poor. It is the same for abilities, capital and all the other “resources” that we think causes someone to be rich.

I’m sure you would also know or have read of people with no educational qualifications, from a poor family background and with no apparent special genius qualities who still manage to become rich and successful.

That should affirm to us that getting rich is not an abstract art. In fact, it is a science and if it is a science, that means, by doing things in a specific way (a specific formula), anyone will be able to get rich.

3) If You Are Not Rich, It Means You Are Not Doing Things In A Certain Way

Man is able to create something by first thinking about what exactly he wants, believing that he already has it with certainty and then doing what it takes with his hands and mind to bring it to reality.

This reminds me of what I recently heard my mentor share. The quote he shared went along the lines of “Man would rather move mountains with his hands than to move the mountains in his mind.”

This means to say, people are at times inclined to just mindlessly get to work without proper thought, review and reflection.

We need to first become mindful of what we are doing or not doing that is causing us to remain where we are.

There’s a lot stuff that we currently do or fail to do, on a daily basis, which is contributing to us being rich or otherwise.

It would be wise of us to at least do an audit of this stuff once and find out what the honestly rich did everyday to get to where they are today that we are not doing, or the stuff that they are not doing that we are spending time and energy doing.

4) Gratitude Leads To Increase

When we possess immense gratitude, we will automatically become a person who constantly looks at the good in everything and who also anticipates more good.

With a mind and heart that is inclined towards infinite optimism, you naturally evolve into a more positive person and this would affect what you think of and thus the actions that you take.

We all know that these actions are going to lead to results and you will now see how gratitude can have such a ripple effect in our lives.

On the contrary, if we are constantly ungrateful, we will keep thinking of the scarcity of stuff, the unfairness in the world and this would keep us from believing in or thinking of the abundance that is actually available.

This would in turn affect the actions we take and thus the results from those actions will not be favorable as well.

Everything will be limited if we do not possess gratitude and everything will increase if we possess gratitude.

5) Use Your Will Power To Achieve Riches


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Simply knowing exactly what you want and how to get what you want is not enough without the will power to do what it takes.

By exercising our will power, we need to train our thoughts and feelings to be fixated on our vision and we also need to train our actions to go all out and do everything that is needed to make that vision a reality.

We do not need to use our will power to assert ourselves upon others or compete our way through in order to get what we want. There is enough to go around without us having to compete our way through.

But, we do need to focus on the vision of what we want and not let our focus derail to its opposite.

The book emphasizes that we cannot banish poverty by thinking about poverty or by mere charity alone, instead we can banish poverty by inspiring the poor to become rich and by creating awareness of this possibility for them.

And what is a better way to do that other than becoming rich ourselves by applying the lessons from this book?

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