5 Must-Have Productivity Tools You Can Use to Do More in Less Time

If you use a computer for work (which is just about everyone), then the following tools I’m about to share with you will greatly improve your productivity.

The irony about working on a computer is that while it can greatly increase our productivity, it’s also the biggest obstacle to getting things done.

Emails, social media, mindless browsing, etc. – these are just some of the things the average computer warrior has to battle with every day.

While you can find articles that list out the top 100 productivity apps, software and tools to supposedly improve your life, I find it a bit of a paradox.

How can someone expect to become more productive by using over 100 different software?

To aid you in your conquest of getting things done, here are 5 of the most useful productivity weapons everyone should be using.

1. Use Google, Seriously…

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One of the best email systems on the planet, a cloud storage hub, a calendar and appointment notebook, word processor, spreadsheet, and much more… all at one place!


The guys at Google have done it.

And the best part? It’s completely FREE!

If you’re not using Gmail as your primary email system yet… well, you should.

Everything is stored in the cloud when you use Google, and that means that you (or anyone else) can access from anywhere.

You can also allow access to other users so that they can edit the documents as well.

Links: Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Calendar

[Gmail: https://mail.google.com/]

[Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/]

[Google Docs: https://docs.google.com/]

[Google Calendar: https://www.google.com/calendar/]

2. Play the Email Game

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How much time do you spend on emails every day?

A 2012 study found out that the average worker spends a quarter of his working hours checking and responding to emails.

So if you’re working an 8-hour day, you’re wasting 2 hours of your valuable time on emails.

And the worst part is that we have a tendency to check our emails the first thing in the morning (there goes our most productive 2 hours of the day).

What if you could turn the boring task of checking emails into a fun game, and get more done in way less time?

If this idea sounds awesome, then you should check out the Email Game.

Guaranteed to make your email checking at least 40% faster, the email game is a fun and focused way to get through with your emails, and it even integrates with Gmail.

Link: The Email Game

[The Email Game: http://emailga.me/]

3. Open Office Suite

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Want an awesome word processor, presentation programme and spreadsheet, but don’t have Microsoft Office?

No worries, because you can have all that (and more) with Open Office.

The Open Office suite, which comes with a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation programme, vector graphics editor, a database management program and a tool for creating and editing mathematical formulas.

And it’s completely FREE to download!

Link: Open Office

[Open Office: https://www.openoffice.org/]

4. The Action Machine

Photo Credit: theactionmachine.org

If most of your work is done on a computer, then you absolutely need this awesome tool.

Already in its third version, The Action Machine is a one-stop solution to managing all your daily to-do tasks. It gives you visual tools and an overall picture of the things that needs to be done for the day.

It allocates the time needed to complete each task and informs you when the time is up. It tracks how and where you spend your time so that you know how well you’re using (or wasting) it.

Now, this tool isn’t free. However, if you’re someone who spends most of your time on the computer, this small investment would be well worth your money.

Link: The Action Machine

[TAM: http://www.theactionmachine.com/]

5. Google Chrome Extensions

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Okay, admit it.

Most of us end up wasting a lot of time on the internet – whether it’s checking your Facebook feed, or checking forums, or watching YouTube videos, or just mindless browsing.

These awesome Google Chrome extensions are bound to boost your productivity when you’re surfing the web.

AdBlock: With over 40 active users, this is probably one of the most popular extensions out there. This tool automatically blocks all advertisement, even those from popular sites such as Facebook and YouTube.

No more disturbance as you surf the web. And if you don’t have Google Chrome, you can get AdBlock for Safari, Opera and Firefox as well.

[Link: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/adblock/gighmmpiobklfepjocnamgkkbiglidom]

Block Site: As the name suggests, this wonderful app blocks out certain websites (that you specified) during certain times.

This is the perfect solution for procrastinators or if you find yourself habitually surfing around mindlessly.

[Link: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/block-site/eiimnmioipafcokbfikbljfdeojpcgbh]

Video Speed Controller: If you watch a lot of videos, then this tool is a must-have. Video Speed Controller allows you to speed up videos you watch online.

Increasing the speed of a video 2-3X means you’re able to watch an hour long video in only 20 minutes, leaving you with 40 minutes to do something else.

[Link: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/video-speed-controller/nffaoalbilbmmfgbnbgppjihopabppdk]

Over to You

What do you use to ensure that you’re productive at work?

Share with us in the comments below.

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