5 Online Shopping Tricks You Can Do to Make the Most Out of Your Online Shopping

We’ve all read the recent news reports about how “empty” shopping malls in Orchard Road is becoming.

While a declining economy is part of the reason, another cause for this is simply because Singaporeans are taking their shopping online!

Shopping online definitely has its benefits compared to walking about town – you can do it any day, anytime, browse in the comfort of your home, and most importantly, you can score discounts practically any time!

If you haven’t discovered on how to shop for a discount online, our article will help you with some shopping hacks that you can use immediately. Never pay full price for shopping again!

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1) CupoNation

CupoNation offers more than 300 retailers where consumers can enjoy discounts on purchases made through their website.

It’s very easy to use – simply look for the retailer you want and click to get a discount code which you can apply to the retailer’s site.

This is great for those who already buy regularly from their favourite online retailers so that you will always get a discount.

2) Bring Out The Credit Cards

Besides enjoying dining privileges, earning reward points and cash rebates, most of the credit cards provided by the banks here give lots of discounts when you shop online.

Two of the best credit cards for online shopping include the Standard Chartered Singpost Platinum card, which gives you 7% cash back on eligible online purchases, and the DBS Live Fresh Card that gives you 5% cashback for online purchases.

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Other cards such as those from UOB and DBS offer exclusive discounts for their cardholders when you make online purchases from their partner merchants.

3) Shopback.sg

If you already use a cash rebates credit card, you’d most likely agree that getting cashback as a reward is probably one of the best and most practical way of discount ever.

Shopback adopts a similar concept but applies it to their website, allowing customers to earn rebates by ordering items from e-commerce retailers through their website.

Shopback earns a commission for every item sold by an online merchant through their site. The company then takes 25% of the commission and passes the rest of the savings back to you.

Consumers can look to earn cash rebates that are between 5 to 20% of the item’s price. Some of the popular stores listed on Shopback.sg includes Lazada, Redmart, Taobao.com and Agoda.com.

The cashback you earn will be accumulated in an e-wallet on your ShopBack account, after which you can cash out when the amount hits $10.

4) Ebates.sg

Ebates works on a similar concept to Shopback, but you’d find US brands here.

Shopping using Ebates can earn you up to 26% cashback on your purchases. You’d need to accumulate a minimum of $5 cashback to cash out after every quarter.

Popular names on their site include Sephora, Priceline, Drugstore.com and Victoria’s Secret.

5) Groupon

Looking for a service instead of a product to purchase? Groupon is still quite a gem considering the amount of discount you get for trying out a new service/activity.

The company was one of the first that has built a business model around the “coupon” business.

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Depending on the merchant you choose, your experience can be a hit or miss, but I’d say its a pretty good deal for someone who wants to try out something without paying the full price of it.

From getting a hair cut, manicure to a new restaurant, Groupon has it all.

Remember to subscribe to their mailing list as well so that you get alerted to special discount days!

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