5 Online Shops That Allow Your Man To Get Up To 70% Discounts Off His CNY Clothing

One of the many activities that Singaporeans take part in during Chinese new year is to go house visiting.

In the generation of baby boomers, people sometimes have 3 to 5 siblings. These siblings will bring their own families to their parents’ homes.

This can sometimes mean gatherings of 20 people crowding into an HDB apartment.

During such gatherings, relatives may spend the whole day together. Any sloppy dressing will create an opportunity for you to receive some unsolicited feedback.

Ladies, if you want your guys to look their best on days like these, you’re going to need new clothes that help them look smart and sharp.

Here are 5 sites for you to do so… even on a tight budget.

1) Menlook – 70% Off With Colour Selection Filter

[image credits: menlook.com]

[image credits: menlook.com]

Easily select the clothes using the colour filter over at Menlook.

Many shopping sites have filters that let you select price ranges, the type of clothes and sizes.

But to pull out only relevant colours for the occasion?

You’ll find this a time-saving way to pull out only those that match the occasion.

If fact, you can find a done-for-you example here.

The link will bring you to load up the items on the biggest discount, with auspicious colours that grandma would approve of.

Dress your man up in a new pair of Marc Jacobs shorts at 70% off – from $215 to $64.50.

2) Quiero – Easily Find New Budget Clothing Under $20

[image credits: quiero.com]

[image credits: quiero.com]

While there are no colour filters at Quiero, you can pull out all items on sale at the menu bar easily.

At the sale area, you can then find only new clothes that suit the budget. With a $4 price range increment, it helps you maintain discipline in sticking to a budget.

After loading up the price range that is for you, you can then sort the items from cheapest to most expensive.

You may just feel proud of yourself for getting him a new button shirt at a steal of $19.90, without the hefty price tag.

3) Sixth Empire – 50% Discount, orders above $50 enjoy FREE shipping

[image credits: sixthempire.com]

[image credits: sixthempire.com]

With a section dedicated to the broke shoppers, you can find deals costing under $25 in the menu.

To help out anyone who can’t tell if the shirt is suitable for house visiting, a badge appears in front of clothes that are recommended for CNY purposes.

That’s as clear as traffic lights to go or to stop.

Get your guy CNY-approved clothing so he will enjoy praises from family members on his dress sense.

And secretly beam with pride as the fashion consultant behind the scenes.

4) ASOS – 70% Discount, orders above £20 enjoy FREE Shipping


[image credits: asos.com]

[image credits: asos.com]

While a knowledgeable online shopper like yourself probably needs no introduction to a store such as ASOS, you might be pleasantly surprised at the collection available for your man.

In fact, you can filter by brands, colours, style, size, length of sleeve and determine your budget using a slider for the price.

Try starting from here and enjoy helping your man look the best he’s ever looked in the years you’ve been together.

5) Shopperboard – Bringing You The Top Brands For Discounts Up To 71%

[image credits: shopperboard.com]

[image credits: shopperboard.com]

When you realize you have too many browser tabs open while dressing your man up, this might be the way to declutter your shopping experience.

You can key in the exact price you have in mind and it will return with clothes that suit your budget.

How can it be this precise?

The reason is because this platform brings together clothing from online stores for shoppers to discover quality stuff that helps them stay within budget.

Select from ASOS, Zalora, Zara, Urban Outfitters among many others that will help your man stand out from other shabbily dressed folks at gatherings.

With 5 online shops that you can use to customize your prince charming to your liking, what are you waiting for?

Share with us where you wish your man will get his clothes from!

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