5 Places Where You Can Buy Your Electronics Instead Of Sim Lim Square

I’m sure you have definitely heard horror stories of purchases gone wrong, especially with the recent high profile case at Sim Lim Square.

However being the typical Singaporean that we are, what should you do if you still want to snag good electronic deals at dirt cheap prices?

WealthMastery has found 5 other locations where you can shop for your electronics… minus the drama.

1)    Funan DigitalLife IT Mall

Funan is probably the next most popular place for electronic items after its more infamous twin, Sim Lim Square. Conveniently located in the heart of town, Funan is just a 5 minute walk from City Hall MRT. It brands itself as the one-stop haven for all IT and electronic goods.

People generally like to make their purchases here as the merchants are trustworthy and employ none of those hard sell tactics.

It is also a paradise for gamers as they are known to have the latest gaming consoles and newest game releases. A must visit for all self proclaimed geeks out there!

2)    Computer / IT fairs

If you do not mind squeezing together with large crowds to get good deals, IT fairs might be your kind of thing.

Common held at Expo or Suntec Convention Center, these periodic IT fairs gathers all the computer retailers in Singapore and pits them against one and other.

Here is where you can find some of the lowest ever possible deals that are usually not offered at their retail outlets. Booths also tend to give freebies in bid to attract customers to their booths

3)    Mustafa

Ever had that urge to shop for things in the middle of the night? Mustafa is open 24 hours daily just for people like you!

Operating on a high volume low cost strategy, they save on everything from storage space to advertising costs. That is why if you drop by Mustafa, you will find their shop stacked full of items. Every single cent saved translates into low cost for its customers.

That is why Mustafa is able to price their products so ridiculous low!

Thankfully, this cost saving is translated onto their electronic items as well. At their basement, you can find almost all sorts of electronics and IT products.

In fact, the real challenge would be to find something that Mustafa does not sell!

4)    PariSilk

Although PariSilk is one of the lesser known retailers, they are just as competitive in terms of pricing.

I’ve personally visited and purchased a few items from them. What I like most about them is their knowledgeable staff and great service. While smaller in size compared to the other big players, their warm service would make you want to go back to them when you are intending to make an electronics purchase.

In addition to that, PariSilk is also conveniently located all over Singapore making it much more accessible.

5)    Courts

Another retailer that has multiple stores all over Singapore, Courts has been around for over 40 years in Singapore.

What makes them unique is the ability to pay using (FlexiPlans). These plans essentially allow customers to pay via monthly installments without the need for a credit card.

They are also famous for the “Lowest Price Guarantee” practice where they will refund you up to triple the price difference if you can find anything cheaper within 30 days.

With such practices in place, it is little surprise that many Singaporeans like to shop there with confidence.

Image Credits: todayonline.com

Where do you like to shop for your electronic items?

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