5 Popular Cafe Food You Can Easily Make At Home..for almost less than $15 each!

Quick question: How many times can you go cafe-hopping in a month before you go broke?

Cafes are nice places to chill at, whether you’re alone or with friends. And some of them do serve up some delectable food. But admit it, each visit to a cafe can set you back at least $20. And what do you do when you’re terribly broke and you’re JUST craving for that nice, oozy Eggs Benedict?

Make your own cafe brunch food of course! Believe it or not, some of the popular dishes are quite easy to prepare at home, and they cost WAY LESSER than what you would pay at a cafe. When you find out how much you can save by learning to make your own eggs benedict, you’ll probably want to knock yourself on the head for all that money you had spent.

*Prices are based on fairprice.com.sg. ; for full recipes, refer to the description section in the videos*

1. Eggs Benedict

Image credit: commons.wikimedia.org


Almost a staple at every brunch cafe in Singapore, it’s simple yet delicious flavour will get you hook and wanting more.

All you need to make a good Eggs Benedict are:

Eggs 2.40
Lemon 1.10
Bread 2.20
Ham 2.75
Butter 3.95
Vinegar 2.60
Total Cost 15

The cost of ingredients still seem pricey? Well if you break it down, you can make about 4 servings of Eggs Ben with these, which is about $3.50 for one homemade Eggs Ben! By the way, you can probably find English Muffins at supermarkets like Marketplace and Jasons but for a more convenient alternative, you can choose regular bread too.

And this is how you can make the perfect hollandaise sauce and poached egg for your Eggs Ben.

Tip: You can leave out the vinegar and just use lemon juice for the sauce


2. Aglio Olio

Image credit: lapiazzetta.at


Honestly, it’s not hard at all to make a perfect Aglio Olio; a classic pasta favourite at any cafes.

Spaghetti 1.95
Garlic 1.50
Chili/ herb flakes 3.85
Olive Oil 7.30
Total Cost 14.60

Looking at this, imagine how much you’ve saved if you learnt to make your own aglio olio.


3. Mac ‘n’ Cheese

Image credit: twitter.com


Another popular pasta dish in our local cafes. Each cafe probably has their own variation but the basic is the same.

Macaroni 1.50
Heavy (whipping cream) 3.85
Milk 2.10
Grated Cheese 6.70
Total Cost 14.15

Of course you can make your own variation by adding other stuff like bacon, roasted chicken, truffle oil etc. This video below uses bacon and sundried tomato and breadcrumbs for topping. Sounds fancy already, doesn’t it?


4. Chocolate Lava Cake

Image credit: foodnetwork.com


Most people think this is one of the hardest desserts to make at home. But did you know that a Chocolate Lava Cake is just a under-baked chocolate cake? But if you want to have that extra oozy lava, you have to twerk the normal Chocolate Cake recipe. Other than that, it’s quite a foolproof dessert as long as you follow the recipe correctly.

Baking Chocolate / chocolate chips 5.45
Plain flour 2.20
Icing sugar 1.95
Eggs 2.4
Cinnamon / nutmeg *optional* 1.65
Vanilla essence 1.15
Total Cost 14.80

With this step-by-step video to guide you, you definitely can’t go wrong! And once you’ve mastered this, you can make your own variations.


5. Churros

Image credit: ask.fm


The “Ang Moh You Tiao (dough fritters)”, don’t we all love the crispy yet fluffy churros, coated with icing sugar and dipped in warm  chocolate sauce? Mmhmmm.

I used to think that churros are quite troublesome to make too but after I saw this video and tried it myself, I can’t believe how easy it was, and HOW CHEAP it is to make your own churros.

Butter 3.95
Plain flour 2.20
Icing sugar 1.95
Eggs 2.40
Vegetable oil 2.95
Total Cost 14.80

And after watching the tutorial, you too will be shocked at how easily you can make churros at home.


Now you’ve seen how to make these dishes, would you try these out at home? Or would you rather pay the full price at cafe than go through the cooking process yourself? Share with us in the comment section.


*Featured image credit: gninethree.com


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