5 Reasons to Become An Early Riser

Have you ever caught yourself complaining that it’s “too early” to wake up or that “the bed’s too comfortable” whenever that alarm clock rings at 6 in the morning? Well, you’re not alone.  There are many people who aren’t early risers. Understandably, dragging yourself out of bed early after a busy week can be most tedious.

Yet, studies have shown that rising early and constructing a regular sleep pattern as opposed to sleeping and waking up late could potentially help you live longer! If that does not inspire you to start waking up earlier each day, here are five more reasons why you should:

1)      Being productive

Waking up earlier leaves you with more time to embark on heavy-duty tasks first, leaving the easier tasks towards the end of the day. Starting bright and early makes us more productive and eases stress levels throughout the day, allowing us to feel calmer and happier. By waking up earlier, you will have more spare time to embark on personal development, hobbies or fitness regimes – things you might not have done otherwise during your free time!

2)      More quiet time

Being an early riser gives you the advantage of not having to jostle with the morning crowd as much as you used to, on your way to work. It also allows you to prepare for your day at a more leisurely pace. Waking up and reaching the office early allows you more uninterrupted thinking time to focus before the day starts. If you relish family time, being an early riser would allow you more time to spend at the breakfast table with your family and maybe even enough time to send your children to school!

3)      Optimism

Studies have shown that many early risers display characteristics of optimism, satisfaction and conscientiousness, as opposed to night owls who display more depressive behavior. Waking to the alarm clock earlier also establishes a more regular sleep cycle which helps the brain to better reorganize its connections during the night, erasing negative emotions and leaving you feeling more positive and motivated for the next day.

4)      Self-mastery

One of the easiest ways to attain greater self-control is to cultivate the habit of waking up early. There are plenty of reasons people have, to justify waking up late- too much work the night before, being out late or even just plain exhaustion. Yet, these reasons often contribute to a lack of self-mastery. In comparison, waking up early trains us to be more organized and disciplined, paving our way for success.

5)      Experiencing Nature

Becoming an early riser has many benefits but this one is definitely too good to be missed. Waking up early allows one the privilege of seeing the sunrise or even a city coming to life, sights that allow us to make an instantly more human connection to the world we live in and the beauty it beholds. If you want to remember how the wondrous the world is, being an early riser would definitely be an easy way to do so!

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