5 Reasons You Should Ditch Practicality And Embrace Passion

I’m sure at some point in our lives, all of us would have heard this familiar rhetoric “Come back to Earth. Be practical.”

Just sharing our hearts’ desires might have attracted responses as though we had claimed we want to fly to the skies with just our bodies, grab a few stars and return home.

That’s the problem.

Throughout our compulsory schooling years and early working experiences, we are told to do things without questioning. You’d probably attract weird stares if you ever asked why you had to study certain stuff for a fixed number of years and then graduate, find a stable job, get married, settle down, and yada-yada.

When you eventually graduate and get into the office environment, you will be stunned to see the number of complainers who do nothing about their situation except complain. Ask them to effect any change and they’ll rebut you with the “it’s all about being practical” philosophy.

So how long more are you going to just be practical, remain where you are and continue complaining? Are you content with a life like that?


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Sure, there are some of us who are forced by circumstances to take certain routes in life. That is out of compulsion and not choice. I respect that and embracing passion does not at all mean running away from our immediate responsibilities.

But I’m just addressing those of us who have a choice and yet resist doing anything that is deemed by society as “not practical”.

If you are still confused between following your passion and “being practical”, read the following 5 reasons in which I explain why you should choose the former:

1)    Passion = Burning Desire, Practicality = Burn Out


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When you are passionate about something, a burning desire is ignited from within you. This burning desire will definitely see you through the challenges that come out of your chosen path.

Nobody said that following your passion is going to be easy but would you look at challenges faced while pursuing your passion the same way as you would look at challenges faced while doing something you don’t really enjoy doing?

On the contrary, when you are merely following the norms and doing something because you were told it is the only “practical” solution, in the long term, you might suffer from burn out.

By then, I’m not sure if you would have the time, drive and energy to begin from scratch and build on your passion.

2) What People Generally Deem As Practical May Not Actually Be So

When those people told you what is practical and what is not, did you believe them? Based on what?

You never know your true capabilities until you allow yourself to embark on your passion and grow in that path. Don’t let others determine what you can or cannot do.

Yes, some of them might certainly mean the best for you. But are those qualified opinions from people who are currently pursuing your passion and living the life that you dream of?

How about seeking out and learning from those who are actually living your passion and making it possible?

3) Work Will Not Feel Like Work If It Is Your Passion

Imagine never having to work a day in your life anymore. That’s right. That’s exactly what’s going to happen when you choose to follow your passion. You will enjoy every bit of the work and you won’t need anyone else to motivate you to get to work.

No, you don’t really have to remain practical and drag your feet to work anymore. You don’t have to sit at your desk, look miserable and expect some sort of mercy anymore.

4) Unshakeable Energy Comes With Passion


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Ever seen those passionate businessmen, innovators, artists, writers, sportsmen etc speak about what they do? They don’t need a script. Their words ooze out of their hearts.

Their love for their work sometimes even transfers on to us. Not only that, this love and energy that comes from passion actually drives them to better themselves in their craft even when nobody’s watching – simply because they love what they do!

Do you find yourself having to force your focus onto something? If yes, you may want to re-assess what your heart and soul are trying to tell you.

5) Not Everyone Is Able To Find His Or Her Passion. If You Find Yours, Treasure It.

Despite all the talk on following your passion, the irony is that most people are not able to pinpoint what they are really passionate about in life. When asked what they really want to do in life, they always stumble on the question and may have to postpone having to answer it – sometimes, forever.

But if you are reading this and hopefully feeling some unstoppable energy inside of you getting activated, then you are indeed lucky.

The passion is there. Embrace it.

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