5 Ways Anyone Can Take Action Towards Achieving Their Goals

You know this person.

Someone who openly declares he wants to become an entrepreneur or generate side income, proceeds to attend every event available and purchase every course in existence, yet is still stuck at Square One with all those knowledge and networks sitting in one corner collecting dust.

This person could be your colleague or your friend.

Or it could be you.

[image credits ainkgoblog.wordpress.com]

[image credits ainkgoblog.wordpress.com]

How to Avoid Falling Into The NATO (No Action, Talk Only) Trap

I know that procrastination can be a big enemy. I have been there myself. This article is not meant to shame you, but rather hope to support you in breaking through the status quo and avoid becoming a want-repreneur.

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[image credits onlyfarrah.tumblr.com]

Here’s what you can do to get that action going from today:

  1. Research All Possible Ways To Attain What You Want (i.e. become an entrepreneur or generate side income)

This is the only time you should open your mind to entertain a myriad of possibilities. There are quite a number of ways to lead you towards your goal and yes, many legitimate opportunities do exist on the Internet.

Do a bit of research on various options such as affiliate marketing, ebook publishing, providing a service and so on. This is when you read as many articles and attend as many seminars as possible with the main objective of attaining clarity in terms of feasibility and capability so as to make an informed decision of which one to pursue.

You can easily source for a lot of free advice, articles and seminars available with a little bit of searching online.

  1. Choose A Niche

This is arguably the most important step and also where many people flounder the most. Although it is ultimately good to have different streams of income to avoid putting all eggs into one basket, you are not going to achieve anything initially unless you attain success in one particular area first.

Choose something that you have the most interest and inclination in based on your earlier research and avoid jumping to the next Shiny Object that appears. Commit yourself to that particular niche, at least at first, to reach a decent level of mastery before looking to diversify.

  1. Write Down Initial Steps To Take

Outline general steps of what you need to do to get your chosen niche up and going – you should already have a rough idea from the research that you did previously. If you are still lost, you may wish to join relevant communities (both offline and online) or even sign up for a related course (notice how you should only invest money after you choose a niche and not before) for guidance.

This step is important to turn your dream into reality as it forces you to find out what it actually takes in order to come out with something profitable.

  1. Create A 30-day Checklist

From the general steps you have outlined, adopt or create a 30-day checklist towards completing them.

Daily tasks should be able to be completed within a short period of time (maximum 1 hour is recommended) and with increasing complexity, so as to encourage you to continue progressing through the checklist and not lose steam within the first few days if they are too overwhelming.

Once habits have been formed in the first 30 days, it is now easier for you to carry on from there.

  1. Set a date and start.

With the stage already set up for your success, you need to take action in order to perform! Make a commitment to start taking purposeful action on a set date to begin seeing results. Remember to celebrate once you kickoff a new phrase of your life!

To your success!

[image credits blog.tailwindapp.com]

[image credits blog.tailwindapp.com]

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