6 Places Where You Can Shop For Your Christmas Groceries

Whipping up a sumptuous feast this Christmas but not too sure about where you can get your ingredients from? The last thing you want to do is to go to a supermarket and realized you cannot find the items on your grocery list.

Here is a list of 6 supermarkets where you might be able to find what you are looking for.

High End Supermarkets

  • Market Place

  • Jasons The Gourmet Grocer

If you’re looking to bake that honey glazed roasted turkey or have that particular cheese and wine pairing, this would be your best bet to find the ingredients to your exotic dishes. Boasting the widest selection of international brands, Market Place and Jasons are the two top end supermarkets you can find in Singapore.  Over here you can find a huge variety of food ranging from the healthy organic alternatives to prime beef cuts. You can even find that brand of sauce you thought you could only savor in Europe.

However, be sure to know that variety comes at a price. Items sold here are much more expensive than your typical heartland supermarket. Not the place where you want to shop at if  you want to stick strictly to your budget or if your guest can’t really tell the difference between an overcooked chicken and a medium rare steak.

Hot Tip: They have an extremely huge range of artisan beers. If you are beer connoisseur like me, you would enjoy walking through the aisles browsing through their international selection.

Mid End Supermarkets

  • Cold Storage

  • NTUC Finest

  • NTUC Xtra

These supermarkets are more than able to hold their own against the big boys above. While there are some items that you might not be able to find here depending on the size of their stores, they are generally well stocked for festive seasons like Christmas.

Hot Tip: Make an effort to shop at the larger stores. They are better stocked and that would give you more choices.

e.g. Cold Storage at Jelita, NTUC Xtra at Jem, NTUC Xtra at Nex…

Budget Supermarkets

  • Sheng Siong

  • NTUC Fairprice

  • Giant

As the category name suggests, these supermarkets are the best options if you’re on a tight budget. The choices here are much more limited and the food variety much more localized. This means that you would probably have a hard time try to find items like a whole turkey or Christmas pudding here.

Alternatively, you can always opt to do a steamboat-themed Christmas dinner. While slightly unorthodox for a supposedly “western” festive holiday, it won’t be that is completely out of place here in multicultural Singapore.

You would also be able to mind much value here if you’re intending to do the standard BBQ with hot dogs and chicken wings. Lower prices = more food!

Hot Tip: Make an effort to go earlier if you want to get the better picks of meat and vegetables. They are restocked every morning, but if you were to go later in the day, you would be picking the leftovers.

Image Credits: blog-solutions-stores.ca

Where do you usually shop for your groceries?

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