6 Tips All Singaporean Men Need to Know to Not Bust Your Wallets for Valentine’s Day and Still Impress Her.

With less than 1 month away from Valentine’s Day, how are your preparations so far? With prices for gifts, flowers and restaurants sky-rocketing for this day, most guys may end up broke-as-hell for the rest of the month.

“According to findings, Singaporeans are among the biggest spenders on Valentine’s Day, with 60% of Singaporeans indicating that they would spend between $100 and $500 during the season leading up to the holiday!” – Inquirer

So guys, if you don’t want to be amongst the 60%, check out these 6 tips to help you save on Valentine’s Day without looking cheap, and you’ll still be able to impress your girl and look romantic!

1) Plan ahead, way way ahead

I don’t want to stereotype, but most men have the tendency to leave things to the last minute.

And when you make decisions“last-minute” during occasions like Valentine’s Day, you’ll end up paying high prices; whether it’s the expensive flowers and gifts, or facing the wrath of your less-than-satisfied girlfriend because you didn’t plan for this day.

Girls like to feel special; that they are worthy of you putting time and effort on them. So show her that by taking the time and effort to plan.

Even the most independent, self-loving girlfriend would want to feel loved by the guy she is dating.

You may think Valentine’s Day is a waste of money and time but if you really love her, you’ll be more than willing to make the effort, right? It does not have to be some vavavoom-big-scale thing because the slightest effort is enough.

Besides, when you plan ahead, you give yourself ample time to prepare and source for good bargains that will otherwise by ridiculously overpriced on Valentine’s Day. For example …

2) Buying the gift online or during “non-peak” sales season

If you know she has been eyeing on something for awhile, it is wiser to source through the Internet where you can get a cheaper price.

It’s not a cheapo gesture because; well if you can get the same thing at a lower price, why not right?

Online boutiques like ASOS, Hypebeast, Nasty Girl also run sales like Black Friday, Single’s Day etc towards the end of the year period.

So make use of these sales to make your online purchases. Who knows, you could actually get the Daniel Wellington watch she wants at 30% off with free shipping.

Another method you can try for future Valentine’s is to buy the gifts during sales period.

One of my male friends always buys his girlfriend mid-level name-brand gifts (Pandora, Agnès B. etc) but he buys them during the Great Singapore Sale period and gives it to his girlfriend the following Valentine’s.

I wouldn’t say this is cheapo; it’s brilliantly smart. On top of that, some products are seasonal and may be unavailable after season change so purchasing them earlier may be a smarter decision.

3) Buy flowers from wholesalers and make your own simple bouquet

Nothing beats the power of wholesale prices. Round up a few of your fellow buddies and buy all your flowers from a flower wholesaler.

The price of a stalk of rose ranges from $0.75-$3.50 when you buy in bulk, depending on the place of origin.

Another tip is to buy other types of flowers. Since roses are in higher demand, they will be pricier than other flowers; you can try getting daisies, gerberas, carnations and even a bunch of cute baby’s breath. You get bonus brownie points if you can get her favourite flowers.

To DIY your bouquet, simply arrange the flowers in a bundle and secure it with tape, ending off with a satin ribbon to hide the tape; simple and classy.

4) Pre-valentine’s dinner / brunch

The price difference for dinner on 13th/15th and 14th Feb makes a whole world of difference!

So you may want to consider having dinner on 13th evening and spend 14th doing couple-things. Alternatively, since V-day is on a Saturday this year, consider going for brunch instead!

There are so many cafes in Singapore with all-day brunch so take your pick.

**Honestly, from a girl’s point of view, it doesn’t matter when or where you have your “Valentine’s” dinner as long as you’re both spending the day together already.

In fact I rather do away with the restaurant since it is going to be really crowded and less intimate. But hey, I can’t speak for all the girls out there.

5) Show-off your Masterchef skills- Cook

“A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”; you can say the same for girls. Any man that can cook a decent meal is enough to melt a girl’s heart.

Look up the internet for simple recipes you can follow and surprise her with your own home-cooked meal! Choose to dine in at home or you could go on a picnic together.

And if looking for recipes requires too much effort for you, here are some easy recipes for you to try (click on the pictures to access the links!)


6) Focus on creating memories instead of material gifts.

Photo Credit: WeMerryGoRound

Any good and understanding girlfriend will not mind if you can’t get her the luxury bag she’s been eyeing on.

If you really want to, save the gift for a more meaningful occasion like her birthday or your anniversary.

Focus your efforts of the day on creating memories and do something you’ve never done before as a couple. E.g. Cook together, go ice skating together if you haven’t, go to unexplored places and create a picture lookbook etc.


The bottom line is, the more prepared and creative you are, the more you’ll save on V-day and impress her!

Expenses are high in Singapore, so don’t overdo it just because you want to overly impress your date.

Sometimes it’s really the simplest things that creates the best memories and evokes the best emotions. Have fun guys, don’t stress!

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