How I Went From A 6-Figure Internet Marketer to 7-Figure Business Owner

I just came back from a holiday at Maldives and while I was there, I had some time to reflect on the past few years of our entrepreneurship journey.

It has been one heck of a ride undoubtedly and I just wanna share some of the learning lessons we had which allowed us to grow from generating 6 figures as an internet marketer to now generating 7 figures as a business owner.

Back in 2006 while studying in the NUS Business School, I stumbled upon this thing called internet marketing. Basically, an entire hidden industry where internet marketers sought to make money online through various methods which included promoting other merchants’ products for commissions or selling of one’s own products (both physical or digital) online.

I was really intrigued by the idea and I decided to jump on the bandwagon back then and I’ve never looked back since.

It wasn’t easy at first of course and I spent at least 12 hours a day working on my online business back then, while juggling with my university studies.

While all my peers were busy mugging and beefing up their resume, I slogged on my business… I struggled initially, but I persevered.

With no stellar resume, I had only one choice. Succeed in my business or I’ll be left struggling to find a job after graduation.

Worse still, I managed to persuade Patricia (my gf back then) to join me on this crazy adventure. So the stakes were high as it was two futures at stake.

Thankfully by God’s grace, we made it. And by the time we graduated, we were easily earning much more than an average graduate’s pay back then through our online business.

So the decision was simple.

We decided not to find a job and we continued with our business.

Working from home was great, but after a while, we felt we needed a new challenge to push ourselves further.

Hence in 2009, that’s when we decided to get our first office and we decided to build our first team.

We were young, naive and also full of ambition. But that turned out to be a complete disaster. With no experience of managing a team, we created a business which we loathed.

Don’t get me wrong. We were still doing very well in our online businesses, easily making 6 figures a year.

But to manage and grow a team is completely DIFFERENT from running an online business.

If you thought that you’ll have lesser problems as your business grows and have more employees, you need to THINK AGAIN.

The number and the magnitude of problems that you have will GROW as your business grows. And back then, we weren’t prepared for that.

We struggled miserably and at one point almost decided to go back to working from home again. Thankfully, we persevered further again as we knew we could miss out on creating something BIG.

However, it was at this point when we decided we needed a change. No doubt, we could just continued operating and thinking like how normal internet marketers do… And still be relatively successful & happy…

But we knew in order to build a long term sustainable business and to go from 6 figures to 7 figures…

We had to change our mindset and our business models.

So we started to attend seminars to upgrade our knowledge… We invested tens of thousands of dollars on several business growth programs and we sought after a business mentor.

Many were full of hype… But one program stood out amongst the rest… And that’s the Industry Rockstar program which we attended in the year 2012. We loved it so much that we ended up spending close to $20K worth of coaching in a very short span.

Was it worth the money? ABSOLUTELY.

In the very next year, we doubled our revenue.

And in 2014, we crossed the 7 figure mark for the very first time.

And this year, we increased our revenue by a further 50% and I know we’re just starting out as most of our core team members have been with us for barely a year.

So what caused the change?

Well after attending the Industry Rockstar programs, we realized many of the things that we were doing were WRONG.

See most business owners spend their time working on the wrong things, things that doesn’t matter. They might appear to be very busy, doing alot of things… But still end up really BROKE.

They don’t have proper systems, proper funnels & proper backend monetization systems that will allow them to maximize their revenue from ever lead that they generate for their business.

Most don’t even have an effective lead generation system and are just working on their businesses alone and trying to figure out and do everything on their own.

If that’s you and you feel like you’re struggling… Or if you always feel like your business is nowhere near your full potential…

You need to stop what you’re doing right now and seek a business mentor.

As it turns out, we all tend to over-estimate our own abilities sometimes. With a mentor, it will cut short our learning curve tremendously and help us reach our targets much faster.

And also, you can only achieve that much when we’re working alone. On the other side, when you build a superstar team, you can achieve FAR MORE than you possibly ever can.


Albert Einstein once said: Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

If you want different results, you need to start thinking and doing things differently. And start learning from the BEST in the industry, not people who claim to be experts but have actually never achieved anything.

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