6 Top Bargain-hunting Spots For Women’s Fashion In Singapore

Is Singapore the most fashionable city in Asia?

Perhaps not, but we are definitely one of the most well-loved destinations for shopaholics and fashion lovers! It is not difficult to fall in love with the vibrant shopping scene in Singapore as our little island offers such a wide variety of shopping experiences for both locals and foreigners alike.

Want that luxury designer bag or dress?

Just take a stroll along Marina Bay Sands. But how about the truly home-grown shopping experiences that are much more affordable and close to the hearts of bargain hunters?

Read on to find out 6 of my top bargain-hunting shopping spots for the budget conscious.

1) Cathay Cineleisure Orchard

Right smack along Orchard Road, Cineleisure is popular among young adults who are constantly seeking savvy lifestyle choices. The Editor’s Market on level 3 offers a wild range of trendy women’s clothing and shoes that are mostly below $40. To make the deal sweater, the prices of each item decreases with more purchases.

On the same level, you can find Rockstar by Soon Lee, a local boutique which boasts chic and feminine designs that cost under $60. The sales section carrying past seasons’ designs appears to be a permanent feature of the tastefully decorated store and those with some patience can find fantastic deals up to a 40% discount.

Apart from these boutiques, it is also possible to find costume jewellery as cheap as $2 for a pair of trendy earrings in the mall!


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2) *Scape

Just a stone’s throw away from Cineleisure, *Scape is a non-profit organisation that is targeted toward the development of young adults’ interests in areas such as music, dance and media.

Apart from hosting various events and functions, *Scape offers air-conditioned retail spaces to budding entrepreneurs selling trendy apparels, accessories and handcrafted products.

The prices spotted are generally below $30 and can go even lower during stock clearance. In addition, the outdoor area of *Scape will be turned into a small but vibrant marketplace resembling a flea market from Fridays to Sundays.

If you love a great bargain, this is definitely a fantastic place to check out on the weekend!

3) Far East Plaza

If you prefer some peace and quiet when shopping, Far East Plaza is the option to go for. This 34 year-old mall may be situated within the well-known shopping belt of Orchard, but it is not bustling with shopping crowds even on the weekends.

The basement level houses retailers selling highly affordable fashion wear, shoes and accessories targeted at the younger shoppers. More expensive and higher quality items such as those imported from Korea, can be found on the higher levels.

While the cheap finds may be an attraction, I would recommend this mall for office ladies who do not mind spending more for eye-catching designs that are as beautiful as they are well-made. While a dress is expected to go above $100 if it is not on sale, it can still be a good buy if you do not intend to go for designer brands.

4) City Plaza

In a small country like Singapore, it is no hidden secret that most blogshops get their supplies from City Plaza, the only wholesale centre for women’s clothing on our little island. As clothes are meant to be sold at wholesale prices for fashion retailers, you are likely to be charged retail prices if you are shopping for yourself in smaller quantities.

Even then, the prices are reasonable and it is up to your persuasive skills to bargain for lower prices. Off-season or older designs can be found at heavily discounted prices for as low as $10 a piece but no trying of apparels is allowed.

To maximise your bargains, avoid visiting City Plaza on Mondays and Fridays as most wholesalers are busy with stock-taking and will not be keen to entertain shoppers who are not their regular customers (i.e. retailers).


[image credits: www.businessinsider.com]

5) Bugis Street & Bugis Junction (Level 3)

Every bargain-hunting shoppaholic in Singapore would have visited Bugis Street at least once in their life. At this fully air-conditioned street shopping location with more than 600 stores, you can find the most trendy apparels and accessories at cheap prices.

From personal experience, I have found the overall quality of the products surprisingly good considering the low price tag. More expensive products, such as those over $50, are likely to be good value for your money as they look pricey and are of better quality.

Across from Bugis Street is the shopping mall, Bugis Junction. If you are a fan of popular Singapore blogshops, The Closet Lover and Love And Bravery, you can find their brick And mortar stores on level 3 of Bugis Junction. You pay the same prices and get to try the clothes before purchase.

6) Jcube

When it comes to bargain-hunting for women’s fashion, Jcube may not be a mall that comes to mind immediately. Unless you are a resident of the Jurong district or frequent the ice-skating rink which this mall is known for, it may come as a surprise to you that Jcube offers a good selection of clothing suitable for young female adults.

The designs and prices are similar to those found at Bugis Street, without the need to fight the massive shopping crowd that are usually seen on the weekends.

In addition, the “Bargain Hunters” Outlet Store can be found on the first storey of Jcube. This store carries clearance products from brands such as Zalora, Adidas and Puma at up to 70% off retail prices.

Where are the places you love to visit for women’s fashion when you are in the mood for some bargain-hunting? Come share with us!

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