6 Ways To Celebrate Christmas Without Breaking The Bank

The end of the year is around the corner which means Christmas Day will be here soon. Christmas is a season of gathering and bonding with friends and love ones. For the children, it is a day of receiving while for the adults, it is a day of giving – spending money.

[Image Credit: www.flickr.com]

[Image Credit: www.flickr.com]

Celebrating Christmas does not have to be expensive if you know how. I will share 5 ways how you can celebrate Christmas without breaking the bank.


Christmas Gift

Buying a gift for Christmas can be expensive if you are having a Christmas gathering with a group of friends. If you have 10 friends, you will have to spend minimum $100 ($10 x 10). Not forgetting this does not include gift for your family and love ones.

[Image Credit: www.news.com.au]

[Image Credit: www.news.com.au]

How you can save money on gifts? If you have unused vouchers, you can buy gifts by using the vouchers. I am sure some of us would have credit card. Each time we use our credit card for payment, we will accumulate points. Make use of the points to buy gifts. Online shopping can be another option to buy gift at a lower price.


Use Cash instead of Credit Card

Using credit cards for purchase can be a double-edged sword. You have the luxury of paying your purchase one month later but it also allows you to swipe your card without control. When purchasing gift this Christmas, do leave your credit card at home and allocate the amount of cash for the purchase.

[Image Credit: www.flickr.com]

[Image Credit: www.flickr.com]


Having a buffet may seem be the most ideal way to celebrate Christmas but it can be one of the most expensive ways. What can be more enjoyable than a spread of feast with great friends? However, the price of a Christmas Buffet are the priciest as compared to the normal buffet for the entire year. The average price per person can costs between $60+++ to $100+++.

Instead of going for buffet, why not invite your friends to your place for a potluck? In this way, the cost of food is divided among the people.


Christmas Decoration

This is one of the easiest ways to reduce spending.  Cut down on buying new Christmas deco. The deco are mostly the same for every Christmas. Reuse the old decorations or be creative and mix and match the old decoration into something different.


Avoid Last Minute Shopping

Shopping for Christmas gift will the last thing on our mind since it’s happening end of the year or we may adopt the “leave it for later” attitude especially when there are about a thousand things waiting for us to be done. Last minute shopping may only lead us to purchase items with jacked-up price tags which is likely to end up with you spending more than you can or should afford.


Health Matters

This could be overlook by many. In fact, some may ask how does health have to do with celebrating Christmas without breaking the bank.

[Image Credit: www.flickr.com]

[Image Credit: www.flickr.com]

It is commonly known the end of the year to be a flu season due to cooler weather. People with lower immunity are more vulnerable to fall sick during this period. The festive season does not help when most of us may dine and party until late nights. Due to the celebratory mood, some may slack and get ready for the New Year. Some may not exercise due to lack of time. Because we feast a lot and did not exercise, the tendency of falling sick is greater.

Imagine spending money on medical bill plus the spending for Christmas on gifts and food, it may be an expensive Christmas if you do not take charge of your health.

Stay in shape by living a healthy lifestyle so you do not have to pay a visit to the doctor before or after Christmas.

How will you be spending your Christmas holidays? Share with us in the comments below!

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