7 Effective Shopping Tips Every Singaporean Needs to Know Now

How many of you (or know people who) tend to make impulsive decisions while shopping?

Impulsive shopping is one of the biggest money wasters in our daily lifestyle, especially when it comes to clothes. I’m sure many girls (and some guys) are guilty of this. You go on a shopping spree and you bought things that you thought were “nice” but you end up not wearing them at all. This gets worse when we travel to places like Bangkok, Taiwan and Hong Kong where everything is relatively cheaper than Singapore and we just want to get EVERYTHING.

So how do you stop yourself from shopping impulsively and make smart shopping decisions? Or even better, make smart shopping decisions, yet being able to buy the things you want, at CHEAPER price?
Yes it’s possible, and this is how you are going to do it –

1. Shop With a Purpose, and Stick To It

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You walk into H&M with the intention to only buy ONE jacket. Then you saw a cute dress, some tops you think you can wear for work, and some nice accessories. Before you know it, you end up leaving the store with a huge bag of purchases- does this sound like you?

Just like grocery shopping, have a list in mind of what you NEED to buy. When you have a list, you are less likely to sway from your buying decisions. Just make sure you stick to the list and leave the store when you’re done, don’t linger!

2. See Something You Like? Take a Walk First

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If you happen to see something you like that you didn’t intend to buy initially, walk away and think about it first.

Give yourself time to think if you really need it, and possibly look for alternative sources to get the item at a cheaper price.

Chances are you’ll realise you don’t need it at all; or better still, you’ll forget about it because it was just an impulse at that moment. Your bank balance will thank you for that.

3. Don’t Cave in to Deals Like “2 for $___”

Yes this piece of shirt cost you $15 for 1, $28 for 2. You’ll think you saved $2, right? But did you have to spend that extra $13 when you only needed ONE shirt in the first place?

This is a sneaky sales trick to make consumers buy more as they believe they are saving when they buy more. Unless you intend to buy a lot or if you’re sharing with a friend, don’t be fooled.  There’s exceptions though; where the price difference is very slight then MAYBE you can still consider (E.g. 2 for $20, U.P. $18)

4. Buy clothes in the right size.

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This sounds like a no-brainer right? Believe me, there are girls people out there who deliberately buy clothes that are a size smaller; they will use this as a motivation to lose weight, so they can fit into the new clothing nicely.

Well, this method don’t always work, then what are you going to do with your ill-fitting clothes? Own your body and buy clothes in the right size. If you do downsize, you can always send them for alteration

5. The Golden Rule of 3

A lot of people I know tend to buy clothes and realise that they can’t match it with anything else they have and they end up spending more to buy more clothes or chuck the unmatchable clothing away.

To avoid this, consider if the piece of clothing you intend to buy can match with at least 3 clothing / accessories in your existing wardrobe. This prevents you from making impulse purchases. On top of that, a versatile piece will give you a fresh look every time you style it with something different.

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6. Learn to use Tao Bao and Rakuten (Global)

With fast-moving trends in this era, it is not practical to splurge on clothes that you can actually get at a cheaper price. So in case you do not know yet, you can actually get cheap steals on any products on Taobao and Rakuten, which are the China and Japan equivalent of eBay.

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Most shops (retail & online) get their stocks from China. This means there is a high chance that the item you are looking for is available on TaoBao too. So browse through TaoBao and you’ll be able to find the desired product in different price range. Check out the guides below on how to shop at Taobao

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 3.51.59 pm

Screen Shot 2015-02-10 at 3.50.34 pm

As for Rakuten, it is suitable if you are looking for authentic products such as branded sneakers, bags or Japanese products etc. The selling prices are cheaper than what you will get in Singapore (I got a pair of  authentic New Balance 996 for just $90 here) and quality and authenticity is assured.

The cost-saving factors comes in 2 forms.

  1. Free Shipping
  2. For every purchase you make on Rakuten, you earn points that can be redeemed to offset your next purchase.

*Bonus* Certain brands have Japan-exclusive series that cannot be found outside Japan but you can find them on Rakuten. The site is in English and it’s quite user-friendly too.

7. Sometimes it is Necessary to Spend a Little More

There are some instances where it is justifiable to spend a little more than go for the cheap stuff, especially when it comes to durability and functionality.

E.g. Buying a pair of pumps from Charles and Keith instead of Rubi because it will outlast 3 pairs from Rubi.


How do you stop yourself from shopping impulsively? Share with us your tips below!

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