7 Practical Ways To Save Money For Your Wedding And Still Impress Your Guests

Getting married is one of the most important milestones in a person’s life, which is why it is understandable if you want a glamorous wedding.

However, due to a person’s financial constraints, not everyone can afford the wedding of their dreams.

Nevertheless, there are many ways that you can save money and still have a beautiful and memorable wedding.

Here are some suggestions you can explore.

1) Hold Your Wedding At A Country Club Or Restaurant

Instead of holding your wedding at a high-end hotel, consider going for cheaper alternatives that offer comparable standards when it comes to food selections and overall comfort (e.g. a spacious and air-conditioned environment).

Two to three-star hotels may offer a great dining experience for your guests as well. You may be able to opt for a buffet spread for your guests at these venues too, which will further cut down your costs.

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2) Prune Your Guest List

If budget is an issue, cutting down on the number of invited guests is one of the easiest ways to reduce cost. Do your best to only invite people that you are close to or whom you are in frequent contact with.

Unless you are prepared to allow your family members to help you with the bill, it is totally acceptable to come up with a guest list and invite only the number of guests you yourself want.

3) Get All The Help You Can Get

From taking pre-wedding photo shoots to setting up a photo booth at your wedding venue, it is possible to enlist the help of your friends at little to no cost.

Instead of booking a luxury car, you can borrow a well-maintained vehicle from someone you know. Do not reject any help you can get and just return the favor when you have the chance to do so.

4) Go For A Wedding Brunch During Off-Peak Season

Wedding dinners are generally more expensive than wedding brunches in Singapore, with prices peaking in the months of September to January.

To reduce your wedding costs, it is advisable to consider organizing a wedding brunch instead of dinner during the off-peak months, since wedding brunches can be organized to be as grand as wedding dinners too.

5) Buy Your Own Decorations

If the wedding venue you have selected comes with limited decorations, you can always beautify the venue with your own decorations, and at affordable prices too!

Visit the floral market and buy fresh flowers at wholesale prices. Go to flea markets or wedding specialty stores to source for good buys.

It is possible to find lovely decorations such as heart-shaped candles or fake rose petals at these locations to add more vibrancy to your venue.

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6) Source For More Affordable Wedding Gown Rental Services

Every bride wants to look stunning on her wedding day and the right wedding gown plays an important part of the process.

The good news is, brides-to-be can now rent gorgeous gowns at great prices due to the availability of home businesses such as Vivian Gown or Just Gowns.

If visiting someone’s home to rent a gown sounds too adventurous, Love Potion at Far East Plaza also offers wedding gown rentals from just $200.

7) Book Services You Need As Soon As Possible

Preparing a wedding as early as 18 months ahead is advantageous when it comes to saving big bucks.

Early-bird promotions and favorable negotiations with wedding vendors are more feasible when you can decide what services you need for your wedding earlier.

By planning early, you have time to create a comparison chart between the different vendors and what they offer so you can determine the best choice for your wedding needs.


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