7 Thoughtful Gifts That Will Make Him Love You More On Valentine’s Day

Do you find it difficult to find something nice to get for the man in your life?

Let’s make things easy for you.

With suggestions for the lifestyle-oriented, the hardworking and the mobile warriors in mind, here are 7 thoughtful and affordable gifts you can get for guys this Valentine’s Day.

Lifestyle Gift Ideas:

1) Show Your Support For His Wine Appreciation Hobby With The Schott Zwiesel Crystal Wine Decanter – $73

Is your guy someone that enjoys the fine life?

If he is into wine appreciation, then he is going to love this useful addition to his collection of wine-related accessories.

By facilitating the breathing of the wine he is about to consume, you are helping him enjoy the process like a savvy consumer of wine.

[image credits: wineware.co.uk]

[image credits: wineware.co.uk]

2) Make Life Easier For Him At Work With A Self-Stirring Mug – $38

Sometimes we can get busy at work.

When we’re thirsty, we head to the pantry to make a drink. Back at the desk, we’re staring at the screen again.

Before we know it, the coffee or milo that we didn’t finish drinking has separated into layers.

To avoid the possible mess caused by constant stirring with the spoon, get this for your guy so the drink remains properly mixed at the push of a button.

[image credits: wonderfulengineering.com]

[image credits: wonderfulengineering.com]

For The Hardworking:

3) Make Him A Less Likely Target For Theft With The Undercover Laptop Sleeve – $35

This laptop sleeve looks like a plain-looking parcel on the outside but is actually a laptop sleeve.

It is made from material resembling a manila envelop.

Keep your man safe when you go traveling, or when he goes on business trips.

People may get mugged for carrying a laptop bag, but an inconspicuous brown envelope lowers the risk of that.

Sizes are available from tablets to laptop screens at 17.5 inches.

[image credits: mtv.com]

[image credits: mtv.com]

[image credits: geekalerts.com]

[image credits: geekalerts.com]

4) Give His Tired Muscles Some Relief With A Massage Pillow – $25

Does he complain of back pain for driving around or sitting for too long?

Pamper him with a massage pillow that works regardless of whether he’s in the car, or at the office.

Using a shiatsu massage approach, it will give his neck, shoulders and back a muscle-soothing experience with the kneading rotating massage motion.

See him smile as the massage pillow delivers a relaxing kneading massage just when he needs it.

[image credits: www.snapdeal.com]

[image credits: www.snapdeal.com]

Tools For The Mobile Warrior:

5) Let Him Feel Unshackled From Power Cables With A Wireless Charger – $19.95

If your guy is someone who appreciates a clean work area that’s free of wires, he will love you for this.

Get him a wireless charging station for his mobile phone.

Remove the troublesome need to be tied to cables, so he can pick up and go on a full charge any time.

Don’t worry about him replying your messages late because of a dead battery.

Remember to make sure the phone he is using is Qi enabled!

[image credits: rakuten.com]

[image credits: rakuten.com]

6) Enjoy Videos Showing On Walls With This Smartphone Projector – $40

Want to enjoy watching videos from the mobile?

Bring the vintage back with this projector for smartphones!

Made using corrugated cardboard, project things from the small screen of the phone onto the wall for easier viewing. Easy to assemble and use, the projector also amplifies the sound.

2 slots at the back let the charging port go through. Smartphone up to 3 x 5.5″ can fit inside to enhance his viewing experience.


[image credits: knowyourmobile.com]

[image credits: knowyourmobile.com]

[image credits: urbanoutfitters.com]

[image credits: urbanoutfitters.com]

7) Give Him More Creative Options For Photography With Mobile phone Camera Lens Kit – $18

Does your guy enjoy snapping phones on the mobile?

Get him a detachable clip lens that boosts his shooting in 3 ways:

  • Get awesome group photos without squeezing everyone’s faces together with the Wide lens
  • Get wonderful close-up pictures of small objects normal mobile phone cameras can’t take with the Macro lens
  • Marvel at the creative photos he makes using the Fisheye lens

The durability of the product is enhanced using top-grade aluminum to ensure you enjoy shooting with the lens kit in rough conditions.

[image credits designbolts.com]

[image credits: designbolts.com]

[image credits designbolts.com]

[image credits: designbolts.com]

With the suggestions for your guy to reward him for his lifestyle, hardworking attitude, mobile needs, hopefully you will find something useful for him this Valentine’s Day.

Let us know if anyone of them worked well for you!



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